Thank you @germanlifestyle for your nice comment!))

That's a great shot, very impressive!

Hi @earthlingvibes!)) Thank you for your nice comment! I really like your sketches!

You're welcome! I'm glad you like them :)

this is a wonderful shot. I love the crispiness captured as well as the softer droplets.

nice picture

How many comments!)) Thanks)

sorry, slow internet network is hard to post

no problem)

Where is the location ?

sorry, I did not immediately see your question. 50.945301,39.830091 Google maps.

Very nice picture. i've canon 1000D, i guess i can not take a photo like that:))

I think you can do it!) The Canon 1000D is a great camera. When I was looking for a camera I really wanted to have the Canon 1000D, but I didn't have money for a new Canon. But I found the Nikon D90. It is used but in very good condition.

So cool! You could count all the hair :D

Yes, I also liked it) By the way, you also have cool photos with drops!)

Thanks! They are a cool thing to photograph :)


Awesome shot! I love the lighting. I am inspired to take up photography again. I really neglected it. Thanks for the awesome post!

excellent picture, one of the best I've seen, and it's something as normal as a dew on a little plant, you have my friend support, regards

i love this, very nice

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