Strange bumps and blooming leaves

in #photography3 years ago

Today we went out of town. Took a walk with the camera. Found unusual bumps and trees with blooming leaves. Friends, as always I allow you to use my photos if you like them.











all photo by @dmiton


awesome, you got real talent. especially the 1st one needs talent and the last 2 also.
if you permit me i will use your 1st pick. thank you.
thank you for voting my post.

Of course, no problem!

The flowers are beautiful and want to be seen directly .I am amazed with your photos. Thank you (dmiton)has shared a very beautiful photo.

Thank you kurza233:)

Thanks for the beautiful photography in this post.

If you like it, why no upvote?

All those sweet little dirt clods look like the heads of fey popping out of the ground!

excelent work sir..I like it..


Nice Job I Am Happy 😀😀😀


Yeah, my succulents have developed their shoots too. Everything is in the growth stages. Tis the growing season. Thanks for stopping by my page. ✌️

Tolle Fotos, bin gespannt wasnächsten Monat paasiert ;)


Thank for you

I really like photography.
I also really like your posts.
I will be back to see the latest info on this blog.

Thank you @kimki!:)

Beautiful post.

Hi sir really beautiful clicks.I like the 7th one the Best.which is this place.
Regards @crafter


Gorgeous shots.


[email protected], woow excellent photographs, these flowers of the field represents one of so many discovery of the existing natural beauty I congratulate you, a pleasure to greet you.

Thank you @magdasierra! And I am glad to welcome you!:)

the #birds and the #bees not to mention the #treesDSCN5309.JPG

Beautiful flowers! What's the name of this plant?


thanks !!

You are welcome!:)

Interesting photo essay. Do you have any idea what else grows in the field with those lumps? The lumps look rather like they might be mounds of compose that were set around to be spread, but then, for some reason were left as dropped.

I’ve seen mounds of compost set out in yard and gardens, ready to be spread around evenly. I’ve never seen them left untended, so I have no real idea they’d end up like the lumps you photographed.

Awesome !


awesome........ excellent...... photo capture. photo shot is simple places but this pictures is wonderful...... i am impessed and crazy about your photo....


awesome photos!!


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The beauty of photos of some plants and the inflammation of some flowers. exquisite. Good Job

Thank you @tucsond!:)


very good post


Bumps everywhere - that's a really cool group of pictures - no clue what the bumps with grass growing out happen to be... ??? Good work. Momz

just one word for your shots 'WOW'..........

Nice photo capture

Those are very unique plants. I wonder what will they be like in the summer :)

I'll go to this place in a month and see. And I'll show you :)

Thx! I think that place would be full of more blooming life by then!

Great view!!

@dmiton, Very beautiful photo work.

So cute, like punk hairstyles :))

I specially like the close-up pictures. What are these balls in the country? Some insects' homes?

beautiful photos

Wow, these are quite beautiful! Excellent shots!

Beautiful photos the light captured too! @dmiton

Awesome ! The grass grow in black stone is amazing. I never seen anything like that, is that a stone ?

Your photos are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

beautiful and very cool photos... thanks for sharing!

You guys are nature lover, you love to stay outdoors and view different sceneries. This is a calming collection of photos. Please share more @[email protected]

It’s so beautiful. I like it.

muy lindas fotos. Felicitaciones!!

Thank you for sharing. Always enjoy your work. Keep posting, Steemit needs more original work.

Beautiful. Your is the best in #steemSTEM

beautiful nature!

there’s some very nice shots👌

It’s amazing photography..

Hi...beautiful pictures...What kind of plant is this ? where you find this exactly? curious to know....

Howdy again, great shots and so unusual those ant clumps.

Thanks. This is not an ant:) These bumps consist of a set of thin roots. I can't find an explanation for why these bumps arose.

That was going to be my question - what the heck are those? And how did they get there? I love a mystery!

I am curious about the bumps also. Have never seen photos of them before!


we naturally move towards what we like💐💐💐💐

I love your title ˋuseful man´ ~ 😄🌟 ~ it is very fitting indeed since you always upvote my posts so nicely :))

Thanks to upvoted me i did back upvote you nice images appreciate you please resteem me as well

Thank you dmiton for sharing those beautiful photographs. You made me remind this quote by Einstein. albert einstein-2.jpg

Man you are so nice ,,,,thanks for vote my post

Dope pictures! I really like your close ups :-)

So surreal, never seen anything like it.