Three days of competition in aeromodelling and flight control

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Hi all! We all once were children. And we all wanted to be as adults. Girls wanted make-up, wanted beautiful dresses and high-heeled shoes, and boys like guns, cars and planes. My son a few years he was fond of aircraft modeling. He walked with pals in children's club "Young technician". The boys learned to build working models of aircraft. The teacher showed them how to do the calculations of how to cut, how to connect the parts, how to paint. The boys themselves created the model and improve them. Every year the competitions are held. Clubs from different cities gather in one city
for two days and compete with each other. In these competitions many tests. Compete to control a kite, competing in the management of the gliders without motors, compete in the management kordovye models and other competitions.


Before the trip to the competition the teacher the whole day preparing kids. It shows how to run models, how to hold the model in the air for a long time.








The first day of competition at the old airport began with a solemn opened. Teams from different cities be sure to get to know each other.











At the airport as well trained skydivers. Paratroopers were lifted into the sky on the old an-2 aircraft.





The second day of competition. The boys competed in running kordovye models. The athlete becomes the center of a special area, and the assistant starts the engine of samoleta and quickly leaves. The area is fenced by steel mesh. This is done in case the model is unhooked from the cord. The net protects spectators from uncontrollable aircraft.









Near our area, the competitions for karting. Here are some photos.







At the end of the second day of competition winners. Medals, trophies, awards!







Watching the competition I remembered my childhood. Very much wanted to forget that I have grown, I wanted to forget all the problems, I wanted to join the guys and, with them, to run, to run planes and rejoice.

Thank you for having read to the end and appreciated this post!:)


All photo by @dmiton


When I was in primary school I was a member of model club like that. We met twice a week and built kites , gliders and later very light rubber powered models. It was long time ago but it shaped my future when I look back on my life. It is nice to see this creative way of spending the time is still popular among children.

Thank you @mitchhunter for comment!!! I hope that this passion will determine the fate of my son.

I wanted dresses, makeup and high heels, but I got a model airplane flying husband, whahahaha ;)

Yes, sometimes fate does as she wants and it's really funny :))) I think the most important thing is mutual love in the family!

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I’m trying really hard to get my father to open a RC “SharePort” in Florida where he lives. Its a fun subject, let me know if you want to talk about such things more. Alx

My dad and i ten years ago at the RC field!

Thanks for the great post!
Looks like a lot of fun and I personally think it’s a great thing since you are able to go outside and have fun in the nature :) being outside seems to be more and more important in times of social media and

Yes, you are right, Our children mired in social networks in a swamp. Maybe I'm not modern but I think that social media is the greatest evil that allows children to develop their brain.

Looks like great fun you guys had !
And beautiful scenery! :-)
really cool.jpg

Thank you for upvoting my dtube video ^^ Nice aeromodeling competition shots, missing my childhood too x)


Very Insightful And Inspiring Post With Deep Meaning .................It Triggered My Childhood Memories...........I Learn Alot From Ur Post,Please Keep Up The Good Work...........Lovely Pictures Anyway

Little time traveling there for me. Good work. That's sending the right kind of message. Need to clean up my blog.

Please please help me vote my blog

I like picture. Where locations to take you picture?

Thanks!:) It's Russia Voronezh.

좋은사진잘보고 갑니다~^^🤗

감사합니다!:) Thanks!:)

Wow , this is so great of you @dmiton , this is the world where children will think in a very dynamic ways to give the best of themselves.
Trust me , you're building a new world.

Much love

Thank you @bollutech!:) I am trust you!

Thank you for this, let's give them the hope they want.

Awesome post. Its almost like i was there.

Awesome post, i like it @dmiton.

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Nice Pictures~!!

감사합니다 Thanks!:)

Amazing competition...and nice picture to see

Excellent post my friend :D Follow me


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Very nice...


When i was younger i also liked to watch people fly their planes. It's a beautiful hobby :)

I'm an old fart, but still love to be in a flight competition:)) Thanks!:)

Looks like you had a lot of fun, good to see kids playing outside and learning at the same time, nice photos.

Yes, it was. Thanks!:)

wow!this photography great..i like sports..thanks for sharing this post..

you are most welcome!

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You son's future memory reminded your old good memories.:)

Yes, you are right!:) Thanks!:)

Thats great. Sounds like it was an amazing event. And the pictures you shared campout great. Makes me yearn for the warm days of summer.

Yes, it was great. Thank you @franciscush!:)

Good pos😊👍👍👍👍

Kunjungi blog saya, bantu upvote ya. Terima kasih @dmiton

Sorry, I could not translate your comment into my language. Please write in English.

Nice picture. I like it. I hope you visit my blog, please.
Thanks @dmiton

Follow to follow back plzzz every one

My children had this quite expensive hobby, too. Nice to regard your photos - and to remember.

Yeah, that's great. It's a good memory!:)

✈️Wow, this makes me want to be a kid again! Or maybe we should never grow up, lol
😂 .......................... 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 👨‍👨‍👦

I think in our hearts we never get old, aging just a shell, our body. And I think that is great!:)) Thank you @thermoplastic for comment!:)

Nice photos but for me "less is more"🙏

Thank you @lindari!:) I agree with these words - "less is more", but sometimes need more to make is better :)

nice to see... and completly agree :-)


Hey just give you upvote ....Pls give upvotes to my post aswell

until now. as am is still my dream to fly a plane..

Yes, probably many of us dream about flying. And this dream stays with us from childhood to old age.

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Hola amigo que buen post oye me seguirias? soy nuevo y me gustaria que gente como tu me apoye y yo te apoyo tambien y repito muy buen post

Please write in English.

Wow this is awesome!! Sounds like such a fun time. My brother builds model airplanes and recently did a competition with his college Aerospace Club.

A hobby is great! Hobby is developing the talents of our children. It's cool that your brother is a wonderful hobby. Good luck to your brother and let him always accompanies victory!:)

The pictures you post are beautiful.


It looks like it was a very nice outdoor day. Funny that they even had paratroopers :)

Yes, children really liked the performance of the skydivers.

Thank you for sharing this! I love aeronautics and enjoyed reading your post and looking at all these pictures.


It was a really nice article
Do you happen to be reading "Flying Magazine", I love it. Planes are so magical and beautiful.

I also saw that liked one of my post. It would be really nice of you if you could follow me as well.
Thank you very much !

Thank you @stl.nolaim for comment!:) Unfortunately this magazine is not for sale:(

this is awesome!


that's cool, hopefully boss


your welcome boss

Supper actitvty . sport..iam teacher i like these sports..superwekdone


It shows how to hold the model in the air for a long time.It is nice to see this creative way of spending the time is still popular among children.

Amazing pictures!! Congratulations!! 😊

Very nice photos. I also love the story telling.

Hi there! This article could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
He continually kept preaching about this. I'll forward this post to him. Pretty sure he'll have a very good read. Thank you for sharing!
I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Aside from that, excellent site!

Having read this I believed it was extremely informative. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this content together.
I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worth it!
Thank you @dmiton

Wow very nice

Не ожидал встретить здесь земляка! Подписался!
А тебя на Голосе часом нет?

Я забросил наше болото так и не начав писать толком:)

Very nice.. Hope you like my art

It really motivates me for an event like this, congratulations
good work @admiton

Thank you @dmiton for like my posting..thanks ..

Fantastic post. I wish I found it sooner so I could upvote it. Beautiful photographs, looks like so much fun. Boys need to be outside doing this kinds of things with good men mentoring them.

nice competion👍🏼 i very very support to competion aeromodelling, ofthere there the best drone and player to play them drone, i like the manuver when the drone to swing in sky @dmiton

:) my dreams , with my son design model plane ..
But my son yet one year old ..
i must wait ..

¡¡Qué buen reportaje fotográfico!! Un día perfectamente repleto de actividades muy atractivas, al aire libre, de acción y creativas. Si fuera un chaval de 12-14 años diría que insuperable.

As I sit in school I never have anything to play with, but even though with my children I will have to play together to be a member of such model clubs as well as play kites, gliders, and models of very powerful rubber light. I am happy and feel my life is fun to see creative ways to spend time with the children. @originalworks and @mitchhunter in steemit

My dad used to take me and my brother to model airshows all the time when we were children. We loved it, the planes but also the camping too.
My dad still flies models and I have a ducted fan Sabre which I fly every now and again :-)

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