When we fly to the moon again? Do we need the Moon?

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July 20, 1969 is a Great date in the life of America and the World. This is the second step Great step earthlings in outer spaces. in 48 years there have been many attempts to accuse the Americans of rigging the landing of astronauts on the moon. The most famous attempt to reveal the deception, was made in book William Kaysing. I don't know where the truth lies and where. I want to believe that cheating no.

The network posted a lot of pictures of the moon, some allegedly shows the lunar city of aliens. There are no clear pictures of confirming the reality of the lunar cities. About ten years ago I was fond of finding aliens on the moon. I bought a camera with a strong digital zoom. I was hoping to photograph the big spacecraft of aliens, haha. Over many months of observations, I don't look not one unit. Haha but left a lot of shots of the moon. Here are some of them.






When we fly to the moon again?? I think that will fly. The Americans, the Russians, the Chinese and the Indians want to mine on the moon the isotope Helium-3. This isotope is a good fuel for fusion reactors. On the moon a lot of the isotope Helium-3. I hope that humans will succeed to create a commercial fusion reactors that operate in the isotope Helium-3. Once that happens, humans will resume flights to the moon. No matter who the first will create a new type reactors, the Russians or the Americans or the Indians or the Chinese or the Europeans or other countries. I think one thing is important, it is cheap energy. That cheap energy will allow earthlings to live long on earth and explore the Space.


All photo by @dmiton


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Great post! I think the biggest confusion on aliens in the 🌚 is that we are the aliens. We live on Plan-ET’s. We have been taught to look only for the oddest forms of beings compared to ourselves, yet we are all a part these different star systems and ET’s. It will be common knowledge soon enough. 🌞🌍👽😂🙏🏼💜

Thanks!:) You may be right. I think that Time is a Great Judge. It will take some time and we will definitely know the Truth.

Totally agree.

Very, very nice pictures you have there & good post too!

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So much love this post, learnt alot. Cheap energy that keeps one living for a long time on earth and explore the space. I wish I can go there right now.

Yes, we all dream about it))

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Hi. How to contact you?

The moon could be a construct and not natural 8) I need to get hold of some remote viewers to verify that

We don't know much. Maybe the Moon is an artificial object. I think we'll find out soon.

@sinlg It is. I interviewed Major Ed Dames and we talked about it a little.

cool.. tell us more... it is a space station (much like the death star)?

This is a great interview I did with him. Not much on this about the moon, but there is much about what it appears you are interested in. Especially at the end when he talks about Mars. I am going to upload this to DTube soon, but for now it is on YouTube.

Muy buena fotografía amigo

Me gustaría ver más fotos de la luna

Ok! El martes voy a intentar:)

Muchas gracias amigo Qué buena onda, que tengas un gran día y mucha buena vibra.

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Very Nice Photos. I am going to post some of My Moon Photos soon.


Thanks for the info
and beautifull photos of the moon.
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I am amazed with your work. goodluck @dmiton

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That's a nice picture of the moon. I really want to go to the moon later.


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these are the real beautiful pictures. thanks for the share

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hello greet photos with the Moon. i like aliens.


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Great pictures of the moon! Number 1 and 4 looks very professional to me. Well done!

Nice photos, what lens did you use? I like your post.

Thanks!:) Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. This camera does not have a removable lens. Photos were taken on maximum zoom with tripod

I hope there's a transformer city/spaceship waiting on the dark side of the moon.

The moon is always the target for all space ventures. Hope we can setup a base there.

Take some time and we all will see with their own eyes.

Totally agree.

Of course we need the moon. Thank’s for your post :)

Photo is very

:) Thanks!:)

This is very good and great.


Thank you so much for this nice post .I am student of aerospace engineering

Space is cool! To be cool engineer in a cool space:)

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Very nice shoot Mr @dmiton. What kind of camera are you using sir? Regards @adrienoor

Thank you @adrienoor!:) These pictures were taken long ago. I used Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. Now I use a Nikon D90.

good post..


awesome picture....thanks for sharing

Thanks!:) You are welcome!

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really funny, you did wanted to see aliens

Many people in the World believe in miracles. I'm one of them. What if they exist?!!! :)))

We create our miracles,so I believe, though whatever you believe might work for you ,maybe your miracle might come true

Awesome photos of the moon!


Miss those days, when the first man stepped on the moon

Oooo! Don't have to miss, I think in the next 10 years we'll be on the moon:)

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awesome subject

Yeah, I agree.

Nice clicks ...
Thanks for sharing

Thanks!:) You are welcome:)

Tus publicaciones están siendo recompensadas, seguro por su calidad. Buenas fotos. ¿como las tomaste? Felicitaciones amigo.

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hola buenas noches no encontraste ni una unidad pero las fotos te quedaron muy bonitas

excellent pictures, very beautiful I really loved your post .. blessings

Great post. Nice article.

Buena informacion y fotos de gran calidad...@dmiton

I will fly to the moon !~

Thank you for sharing this content it makes me explore the moon and heavenly bodies keep steeming

Great post! What camera/lens did you use for this?

We already have bases on the moon for decades, HUEMANS and others. Our goverments keep this in secret, but the future will show!


Great article! I’ve ever seen!

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Nice article. I am a moon skeptic and am not fully convinced we went to the moon during Apollo missions. I believe we would have gone their as a planet in the last 40 years. Strange to me that we just gave up world wide and still have yet to send another mission. but anyways... great photo's and a good read. thanks for sharing

great post

Excellent photos of the moon! Very nice detail.

No aliens, but amazing photographs of the moon though! :)

So beautiful...

i like the pictures, never tried to take a picture of the moon

I don't believe they will ever land on the moon, and they never ever did. I think it's the biggest hoax ever, they pulled the wool over our eyes, you see it was live on television, but really all done in a hollywood basement. Heres what I see, I edited this to show what I see.

Haha. Cool you did the meme! Add cool inscription.

This okay.

Stanley Kubrick was used to film the fake moon landing, because they needed to control the narrative. Namely, they couldn't risk showing the ETs living on the moon and the bases that already exist there, so they staged it for the public and to "beat" the Russians. But we assuredly did land on the moon, and have bases there. This has already been disclosed, it's just not acknowledged by the mainstream media nor scientists.


Wow! What a beauty!

Interesting post


Why can we not live on the moon?

Hopefully we could again. If not for resources then at least for another milestone in mankind working together for a common goal. Great post, I'm a big fan of space and the moon in particular because it makes space travel seem like a possible future.

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Hi dmiton,the moon is one the most fascinating places there is i think.There is so much about it that doesnt seem to be right.And then you got the different ideas of how it came to be.I like your pictures,the second one down i like the best.

5 days before I was born, I was born on July 25 of that same year :) very interesting your post, very nice pictures, greetings

Im glad that you wrote honestly as I have spent countless hours trying to find some alien constructions on the moon myself. To add up to the scenario of mining on it, I'm curious to see a next trip there as I somehow think that we are not allowed or have the permission to go yet.

A moon base would give a way too much power to the one who want to use it for millitary purpose. The joint countries have to be truly on the same boat and for the same purpose for it to succeed. Thanks for sharing tgis, and you pictures look good and very natural

Goood post thanks

Greetings @dmiton, You have a great talent for photography, I want to learn more about photography. I congratulate and support you.

The human has been always interested

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Just like in the book Limit by frank schätzing

Sorry have not read this book. What is this book?

Your post remembered me of this book because in the book which takes place in the future where humans have build bases on the moon to harvest the isotope Helium-3. I always thought this was pure fiction. You have expanded me horizon ;)

Its actually a really good book, here is a link:

Thanks for the link. Now is the time when the plot for fantasy novels is taken from the latest science. Before it was the opposite, scientists have tried to create what was described in fantasy novels.

Hahaha yes that's so true :)

Hi!!!!!!!, you have a great eye, and the perfect complement is your historie <3 thanks for the Upvote <3 see yaaa

Nice post

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[email protected]! I don't know much about these things other than I believe humans should leave the Moon alone!..ha!ha!..they need to fix what's going on here on Earth first, before taking up ship somewhere else.

The points you make are interesting and you appear very knowledgeable, I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you for the upvote on my recent post. Peace.

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Who knows if the moon is made of green cheese or plutonium only first hand direct experience can know for sure and so the story goes there are limitations of air in the higher altitudes of space believing in science or disbelieving in mythology planetary consciousness has awareness of its own🌍🌎🌏👨‍🚀🚀💥👾

A great thing.

Folback please 😀

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That's a very good post. I really like to read it. Lots of knowledge contained therein. Thank you for giving me a very valuable lesson.

i agree with @innerstellar we are aliens ourselves and if you've ever watched the show ancient aliens you would know that aliens are here and have been here for sometime now. Been here for thousands of years and as far as the moon goes what else do we need to know about that rock that we don't already know? that is the real question and it poses many more questions. But for now i would like to see if the government will admit within the next 3 years of trumps presidency that they exist and are living among us.

I very much doubt that this will happen. It is not in the interests of the government. Although in history there have been events that no one expected.

Yes so no one person can truly tell what the government is really up to. Trump has a big mouth and he will squeal like the pig he is. He will leak more info over the next couple of years that conspiracy theorist and people alike can link together and come to some form of conclusion. Im ready for it, no matter what the masses are ready for.

He will leak more info over the next couple of years that conspiracy theorist and people alike can link together and come to some form of conclusion

Most likely it will.

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