Queenstown - New Zealand (2014)

in #photography3 years ago

When I was living in Fox Glacier, sometimes me and my friends would organize a trip to Queenstown for the weekend. Four and a half hours away by car, with amazing landscapes in the whole roadtrip... it was the perfect excuse to get away from the small town we were living in, and to go do some fun stuff in the Extreme Sports World Capital.

Our favorite was the Luge, can´t beat that. Affordable and so much fun. We were not supposed to race but c´mon... of course we always did it. So much fun. Too much.

Here are some pictures from one of those trips, and a video I recorded with a GoPro in one of the most exciting Luge Races ever.








Fun part of the video starts at 01:00

All photos taken with my old Motorola G3


Wow! Such a vibrant explosions! I love the atmospheres present in the pictures.

Dude that Luge race video looks like massive fun. Reminds me of the land sailing carts we raced one time. Great fun. Also love that ski lift picture. Great shot.

Thanks man!

Actually the lift os at the luge. We got the 5 laps ticket so you go down the hill in the luge, then go up the hill in the lift. And yeah it was so much fun, we behaved like we were 10 years old 😂😂😂

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