Fun Hiking with Friends...

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Hello Steemians,


I've spent the last year serving my country in the Nigerian Youth Service Corps program.

I and my colleagues in camp

It's indeed been an experience as i found myself in a remote community. Imagine been without electricity for 3 months or without network coverage for 3 weeks. I've had to bear this on some occasions and even worse when i'm shutout of steemit and the crytocurrency world but its not been all bad as i'm always busy in the Clinic attending to patients, impacting the people, gaining experience and building my capacity and resilience.

Welcome to the Nigerian outbacks...


is the headquaters of the Edati Local Govt. Area of Niger State, in the middle belt region of Nigeria. It is dominated by Nupe speaking muslims with minorities of Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas and Ibos. The people lead a simple life, friendly and accomodating.
I've spent the last 8 months here and I will be leaving next month. Knowing the end of my stay was nigh, i decided to join other corp members on a hike of the hills in the community. I love staying indoors but i never pass up opportunities to explore mother nature.

The ever smiling @drepo15... lol

Aerial view of The doctors' lodge, funny it was the only painted building in sight

These guys made my stay less really cool

And the ladies were just wonderful


There are so many wonderful sites in Nigeria like this and i hope to explore as many as possible.

Care to join me?


Interesting... Upvoted

Nice pictures. You're quite tall bro. Why are we having so much semblance really?lol

Tnx @dorth
I'm ain't dat tall just a one eyed man in the village of the

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