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RE: Küreş - Tatar Fighing Contest Held In My Hometown

in #photography2 years ago

I find this quite interesting, especially since it is carrying a tradition forward. It seems like many traditions have started to include females over the years despite the fact that they were not part of the equation. I think that's fair and it makes for a fun demonstration, especially when everybody is included. Thank you for sharing this with us and I hope to check back here and see what you have going on next!



Yes that is true , in my country sport was and is a way to be free, since the communism times women Like Nadia Comăneci, dominated in gymnastics, today we can see women that bring medals in our country even from judo.
I am very happy to see this because I learned from the education that I received from my family that we are all the same, what sets us apart is our will to fight, to be more, to struggle and to push forward against all odds.

Absolutely! You had amazing parents for them living within the grip of communism. I bow down to them for raising you well.

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