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RE: Coot Photoshoot : Featuring Mama Coot

in #photography3 years ago

Late bloomers, I would guess. Will that make them a better parent, being more mature? Or does instinct kick in with animals?

I can't imagine having eight at once, yikes! Mrs. Coot!

Too bad about the eggs, but, maybe you will get lucky next walk? I missed the Mr. Coot incident. Recap? I personally steer clear of geese/ducks and anything else laying on eggs.

Just saying. Pregnant women can be ornery. :) Or protective. However you want to look at it.



I think it must be instinct :)

hahaha someone got a 6 in the States right?
would make you famous in a reality tv show though

the coot incident was 4 months
ago, link's up there in green - but if you click the greened words here it'd take you there :)

ha ha the ducks seem to be in hiding when nesting
they just start showing up when the ducklings are there
we do know when they are nesting
only the male are visible by the bank
that it looks like some pub with just men in it :)