VIEWPOINT: neglected Animal VS the Homeless

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There's nothing quite like an UGLY DOG photo, right... that indescribable urge not to be able to look away even when you want to... (this post evolved from an ugly dog post to include societal views on homelessness).

I'm interested in people's perception and how it differs when viewing humans vs animals. Many will say the human had a choice and the dog did not. There may be some truth found within both sides.

Let's say you see this dog and form thoughts about him and his situation.
Turns out, he's around people 24/7, but no one 'owns' him, he hangs around because he gets scraps of food and perhaps a bit of attention. He's not particularly thin as are most stray animals.

When we see homeless individuals, many of us do not feel empathy and quickly shun them. Averting our eyes as quickly as possible trying to avoid this most uncomfortable of social situations. Of course, there are those that do have and show empathy (not casting any judgments here).

I've felt both threatened and eager to help when the world presents someone in need to me. Just the other day, I was checking up on a property for a tenant and saw two individuals squatting on the property. I let them know that I would not report them to the police and exactly what my function was at the property. My view of panhandling is that this is the homeless or near homeless trying to get by and then there are those that have not the strength or will to panhandle such as this woman you'll soon read about below.

The woman began explaining that they had had their RV towed and all of her colostomy supplies went with it. She was now using garbage bags and presumably shopping bags from Walmart. I cannot even begin to imagine the human indignity she's facing... I've worked in a landfill in Cambodia documenting what's going on there and doing self funded humanitarian relief. This is borderline barbaric treatment - leaving an elderly woman in this sort of predicament. I regret not giving her any assistance to get the bags she needed as I saw a large empty bottle of Tito's Vodka nearby (clearly her male companion enjoyed that), though I did contact a local organization who will send someone from adult protective services to check on her. I wish I knew exactly what they'll do for her.

I started thinking about the RV that I saw stranded there in May:

(in the window it asks for more time - please do not tow - must have been their RV)

I recall driving back and being relatively unsettled by this injustice I had just witnessed. I know the bureaucratic system may not send help for her for days (if ever). After writing about this there is only one thing to do now, go make sure that she has at least a fresh supply of colostomy bags or some $$ assistance regardless how small. I will spare you the details of what I saw.

@midnas-howler was responding to a very different posting earlier involving only the dog - still quite relevant, but helped push my thought processes along. Be Well
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I bet that dog pictured in the post would be quite beautiful if someone would just groom that matted mess!