Coot Photoshoot : Featuring Mama Coot

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I was taking my daily stroll and decided to take a different route that day. It was burning hot so I brought my D Eye since every form of beasts, critters and cute creatures hang out close to the road when it's ultra sunny on this side of the earth.

Look who I found busily sorting her nest in the mere. The nest was laid too close to the bank, I could probably reach for it if I just dare go a few steps closer but she spotted me and gave me that warning glare.


I could see all eight eggs because she was standing and busily sorting the fresh cut grass Mr. Coot brings her so I took my D Eye out and took a snap but I realized I had the wrong lens on it so I decided to switch lens which I sort of regret cause then she spotted me and sat back down, hiding all eight eggs.

I reached for my cam bag pretending I got bread in there and that I was reaching for it but ...

"You! Your trick won't work with me Missy. I still remember what you did to my husband last winter. Go away!"

...coot she, while the back of her hair stood, I think that means I'd better back off. Not that I even dared went closer.

"Just a few shots Mrs. Coot, you look pretty lovely today, it must be the sunlight on your feathers. Would you please stand up a bit so I could see your eggs?"

I got ignored and yawned at. I wasn't even sure it was a yawn, it could also be a warning that I shouldn't dare get any closer which I wasn't planning to.

If there's something about the coots, even the aggressive geese fear those beaks. I was not planning to get any closer specially one nesting on eight eggs. Ducks fly away from those beaks and am wingless so not a chance.

I stood there patiently waiting for her to budge and had my hopes up when Mr. Coot finally approached the nest with a cut grass to add to her nest coo-ing.


She looked back at him speedy quick and lifted herself a bit, exposing two of her eight eggs but instead of taking the grass with her beak from Mr. Coot, she just sat tight.

I guess Mr. Coot understood he has no other choice but to lay the piece of grass on top of the nest while Mrs. Coot sat there eyeing me still with that grin on her face. As if saying;


" You thought I'd stand up do you? That's what you thought!"

Mr. Coot stayed close by instead of going for another piece of grass. Surely, he's not done making that nest yet but the sight of me must have rang a red alert on him so off I tucked my D Eye back and went on my usual stroll.


Oh well, two eggs on a frame's also enough ...

that yawn again ... like what a very pregnant woman does ...


These two are pretty late I suppose, I've already seen the other coots in the other mere with their babies while she's still sitting on her eggs.

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye .. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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Greetings dear @englishtchrivy.

Thank you for taking Steemians on a stroll to the mere.......we so appreciate your story tales. ^__^

Mr. and Mrs. Coot will be showing off their offspring in no time.

Lovely photographs mon ami......just stunning.

All the best to you.

A binetot.


thank you

they would I suppose
it's the first time I've seen Coot's eggs
they're pretty big, almost the size of a Duck's

have a great weekend!

Truly eye-catching shots dear friend !

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hai @englishtchrivy .. is this picture you share this kind of duck or bird? of its shape is very much like a duck. I have never seen it here.

you have to read
if you did
it clearly says on the title itself - coot
not duck

wow nice photography..

That yawn looks indeed a bit like You better not mess with me 😈

i just missed the sharp stare she's been throwing me with the feathers on the back of her neck all up
where did you get that cat emoticon?

I thought it was a little devil.. But i got it from here

Ik weet alleen niet hoe je ze in je titel kan zetten..

oh it's a devil hahah
I didn't really look hard enough I suppose
okay thank you for the link !

How could you!🙀 kidding.. Have to admit they are a bit unclear.

Fijne dag daar!

never mess with a coot!

I love it, so fun to see nature doing its thing. Even our sweet (or spunky) birds have a specific method to their madness! lol Beautiful birds. You were able to get some great shots. Your narrative was splendid!

Late bloomers, I would guess. Will that make them a better parent, being more mature? Or does instinct kick in with animals?

I can't imagine having eight at once, yikes! Mrs. Coot!

Too bad about the eggs, but, maybe you will get lucky next walk? I missed the Mr. Coot incident. Recap? I personally steer clear of geese/ducks and anything else laying on eggs.

Just saying. Pregnant women can be ornery. :) Or protective. However you want to look at it.


I think it must be instinct :)

hahaha someone got a 6 in the States right?
would make you famous in a reality tv show though

the coot incident was 4 months
ago, link's up there in green - but if you click the greened words here it'd take you there :)

ha ha the ducks seem to be in hiding when nesting
they just start showing up when the ducklings are there
we do know when they are nesting
only the male are visible by the bank
that it looks like some pub with just men in it :)

Wow beautiful.... So lovely

Beautiful and so amazing that's lovely :)

Well you better watch out as if you get much nearer than you might get in trouble says Mrs COOT ;)

While you did managed to get some nice shots by the way , the perfect shots as we speak to tell the situations !


thank you

You're lucky to see these two beauties so close. They have a very beautiful plumage. This black color with a tint looks very solid. They must be aristocrats in their community, heh . Great footage. With Your photos, I could see them in such detail. Thank you for an interesting photo session.

ha ha
they all look the same to me
it must be the sun that's doing that effect
you know what every photographer says - it's the light :)

You can easily guess what the season there is, the birds are buildings nests and laying eggs, so that the little's are strong enough by autumn time.

You are right it is unusual to find the coots so close to paths and not away where they would be more protected. Hopefully they will not loose any of those little chicks.

Wonderful photographs of a wild nature that is just at our doorstep.

thank you
yes, these two seems trusting enough to build it there
but then people here do leave them alone
let's just hope no one throws her a can or a juice pack
it doesn't happen so often here that's why they're so confident in nesting too close to the bank

you are fortunate to be able to appreciate these beauties, congratulations for the change of route and the excellent shots, you have captured a beautiful photo
I wish you a wonderful week dear friend @englishtchrivy

thank you
you, too have a great weekend!

wow photography is very good

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OMG those shots were just brilliant just epic

Cantik kali anak burung nya