Left Behind ..

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I saw this on the way somewhere in The Hague.

It kind'a remind me of how I feel after watching talks during the fest in utube.

left behind.jpg

I have to admit I got dizzy at all those talks. Some .. makes you think like.. how kind could this community be too kind to even allow people to up sell their product while they make the block chain look like there's nothing you can gain from publishing in it. I admit that I skipped so many speakers' talks just because I don't seem to be getting any value out of it.

My head throbbed after a few hours of listening to those talks and it's not because I was multi-tasking doing my chores as a wife (since I don't really like sitting on the chair just listening to all of it for a long time). Imho, it's because am not the techie type and the things that were discussed plus the new development that are on the way are just too much to take in, in a day. I wonder how much more if I were there sitting . I can't help but feel like .. that house .. which kind'a look like it's been left behind .. standing there in the middle of a fast moving modernization going on around it.

Am sure am not the only one .. folks, we really have to learn to get to adapt that's the only way we could survive in this murky water we're swimming in.

How many of you somehow, feel like .. you're being left behind? You do?

Why don't you personally take your own picture of anything around your surroundings that shows and speaks your own inpretation of "Left Behind".
  • but first ... resteem this post so the many could also benefit, yes, you will have to resteem this post and thank you already
  • post your self taken picture on the comment section below and kindly explain why you feel like you're being left behind around here.
  • posting about it on the comment section applies till this post gets paid out
  • my only promise is to cast a 100% upvote on it BUT ONLY if you took your picture yourself and did not just grab anything for free anywhere else.
  • you can't find anything around you to take a picture of but you feel like you are left behind around here, no worries, write down why you feel like you're being left behind around here and I'll cast a 50% on it.

This content's 100% mine . I took that pic with my D Eye while we're on the road so I used the sports setting.

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Hiya mon ami......

No....not left behind.....they just need to catch up with bleujay.

There a saying that goes like this.....The hurrier I go the behinder I get....hehe ^__^

Terrible grammar I know......however it makes sense.

All the best.

A bientot!


Could not find any pics....will keep on the look out. ^__^

lol .. that's a better way to put it out hahha
that they should catch up with you instead

theres a Phil saying that kind'a resonate with that
yes it makes sense

I often feel like I'm left behind too.
Unfortunately, the law of nature is: adapt or die.
We have to keep up. Just like those hamsters running around that wheel lol
i have a picture I shot in Malaysia ages ago, but nothing new I'm afraid.
Hope you are well

thanks for the resteem
you do?
but why amigo ..
post it
as long as its yours ..it's alright
I didn't really say it has to be something new
and do mention why you feel that way
hurry while my VI is still hot :D


i more like wanted to say hi, not get the vote.
but anyway here it is.
the old house with the high rise behind it.

as to why I am feeling left behind, is because there'a always new things coming out
a new app, a new social media platform, bla bla
and it's so hard to catch up with everything, because you only have 24 hours in the day
well, c'est la vie

maybe you don't
but I do need a proper example of this
so thank you!

I can relate .. exactly those reasons of yours
and hey! that's my favorite French expression :D

edit 2: btw, is that even a house
or really literally whats left behind of that house :D

what's left of it more like.
but i think they will do something with this façade eventually

I see
must be what they call here "monumental heritage"
not allowed to be taken down
protected :D

I'm confused because I'm left behind by the different app trying to do similar things. So, I just left them behind and stick with the base platform.:-)

then we're on the very same boat
still keeping us afloat so it seems
but as to what I heard ..
sounds like the SMT would soon destroy it
sighs ..

That will be sad.

I am very concerned about this situation, and this is far from my estimation so far. I am like you, I am a wife and mother to my child.

Nice to meet you Ivy, now rest.

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hi, I appreciate you posting that picture unfortunately I cannot upvote that

that's not what I wrote down there so I ask that you kindly read my post and take down that picture

thank you very much

No problem IVy, I just want to meet you and that is a photo of my family

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Your welcome IVy,have a nice day

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Very beautiful photography sir ,great

It is a life and if someone would like to be in right time and right place they have to do their best and just do it. I do not think I ever had such feeling, or I can't remember myself feeling left behind, but it was a nice to have such philosophical mood and think about it. I love the picture of the Windmills, I love them, in every country in Europe they look differently, that is that impresses me :)

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