Walls And Windows

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As you already know, I have a thing for windows that has much character on them. Europe has plenty of windows that would not just make your head turn because they're so unique but that's not just how I feel when I see one. I automatically want to have 'em on a frame.


Lovely isn't it? Let's make a post card out of it.


These aren't fish' scales. They are actually semi - burnt potato chips, glued together to serve as walls. Alright, you got me, they ain't that either but that's really what I thought of when I saw these.

You may think that wall up there is intricate? Think again.


I think this one just beat it. Not that they're in competition really. This ain't just pretty to look it, I bet it could survive both storms and earthquake. We have plenty of these kinds of walls in Batanes Islands in the Ph cause that place is always hit by a storm and rock walls really .. could survive both storms and earthquakes.


This is what a typical old fashioned window of a traditional Dutch house would look like. We call those windows - "luikens", 15% up to the first one who could give the English word for that. I think I love this being just so plain and unpainted.

Hey, did you notice the roof?


Let some plants hang outside and make it just so - perfectly eye- catching! They sure modify and add drama even to the plain modern windows, don't you agree?


How about some view?


I thought photography pics are supposed to be just about pictures, then why on earth does this one have too much text on it? Well, originally, I just wanted to caption them some "titles", that should also do ain't it?

Tell me what you think, should it be enough to just post pics for photography tagged posts or should there be blab?

All I know is, a long time ago "VALUE" is what used to matter here. Good old days, beautiful, just like these old fashioned walls and windows.

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics with my D Eye .

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Thank you for posting these beautiful photographs and interesting thoughts @englishtchrivy.

Windows with their lovely decor are indeed attractive.....these you have posted are especially so mon ami.

To answer your query......a couple of principles...To each his own....The cream always rises to the top.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.



thank you mon ami

to each his own

I love that line, it always brings us back to not insisting our standards imho.

As for this

The cream always rises to the top.

imho, that used to be the case back here, it still is to some, thanks to curation groups who painstakingly look for such posts, these days rising to the top is very easy to achieve now, all it needs is one good bid bot and some load in your wallet, at least, that gives everyone a chance to shine ;) - if I may say, that's one good side of it.

I had a great, restful, very lazy weekend, I hope you did, too.


Do you mean the english word 'shutters'?

Personally like it more when pictures have a bit of text. Unless ofcourse the pic speaks for itself.

A nice evening to you.

yes :)
am glad you threw that this early
otherwise my VI has been drained

welterusten man

Beautiful selection of window shutters, such houses look so attractive with beautiful flowers on the window sill and of course in summer it must be outside of window. The patterns are sometimes different as well as colors but it must be wood, I love natural wood color and do not like painted ones. Thank you for sharing and your thouhgts about them :)


Even know in our Days most of those old things still very appreciated, I will rather get old and quality things than go for just edition hehehe.. you having a nice time and fun, thx for share...your captured are beautiful.

Those are some nice windows, especially the first one. I think hanging plants will make any window look nice. Or windows in walls covered in climbing plants like ivy.

there are also the devil's ivy filled walls there
I think Kr is already doing that, too

Beautiful detaining to it looks so amazing excellent shots there :D

Part of the fish scales are broken. :-)

it's our secret
I mistook it for potato chips
and sank my teeth in
but they were tasteless hihihihi

Just being #whysocurious seeing potato chips...
I don't eat much but when i have some Pringles...OMG, i have been eating them right. Have you?


I used to, but these days, thanks to innovations we could just make ridged potatoes at home with a dehydrator and an air fryer.

I don't eat much potatoes, I turn into a tuba player when I do hahahaha
my husband doesn't like it hahahaha :D TMI

Ah... I have an airfryer too but don't get to use it much. :-)

Really like the first one.

ik ook

Wow..lovely friend.and.lovely photoshoot...

Love the rustical houses! and this windows are beautiful!

wuao incredible types of windows, very beautiful

thanks for sharing the link
I shall check but for now
time to let my VI rest
and try to come back soon
it's time to hit the bed almost dawn

btw am so glad to see you around!
keep in touch!

btw am so glad to see you around!

Me too, @englishtchrivy :)

Bellissimo 🌹

Usually, I prefer photographic posts that have some text on them to give a bit of story to the picture @englishtchrivy. I think it makes them more interesting.

I love your bottom picture, for example. It is very dramatic. And I'd love to know where it is.

thank you :)

am curious how many more prefer photography posts with texts

There is no blub in your writings, dear @englishtchrivy. You always accompany the unique photo series of a photographer who has a good eye for detail. Her words are comprehensible, always positive, in seemingly simple language and often refreshingly cheeky. Your postings would be nothing without the smart words. Your texts always create a round product. A sensitive one. I did not want to do without the enrichment of your texts while looking at the photos, although I have read them far too rarely in the last weeks. I beg your pardon for.

thank you my dahlin @afrog!
those are very kind words!
am also guilty about not reading much these days
it's hard to do these days so sometimes, I wonder whether I should just keep it all short - my stories, I mean
cause I am also guilty of skimming long posts :D

Guilty? We had the really hard time over a year ago, when the STEEM was at 8 cents. But there was also a lot of fun that many bloggers never lost, and what often makes things seem difficult happens in our minds. If expectations are not met immediately, every assignment is perceived as an examination. This is not surprising for persevering bloggers, as there is also passion, self-conquest and a lot of time in every job. Even in some comments (xcuse me).

Bloggers are brave people. Even if expectations are not fulfilled at the moment, they still believe in success. You have already experienced how satisfying the STEEM can be. That's why we keep working and pulling others with us. There are many reasons why the Blockchain could fail. There are just as many reasons for their success.

The only posts that are too long are those that do not capture the reader and leave him unsatisfied. Nobody wants to waste time on "Ticky-Tacky". (Everyone knows "little boxes".) Our works can only transport inner values, not least personality, which seems to be your specialty. You are one of the authors who reliably and with beguiling ease create a very personal atmosphere between reader and author in every job. You are a professional, you do a lot of interesting, even brave things in life and let us share your thoughts. This is the best breeding ground for good postings.

Long live the Oranjes and all other colors too.
Steem on dear @englishtchrivy.

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I'm always for that in the posts tagged with "photographs" present the text with an explanation or a little story about the place, the story or depicted object. It is always interesting and informative. Because there are questions and I want to get answers. But sometimes there is no feedback and my questions hang unanswered. I try to give such comments or additional answers in my posts. It's so nice when people ask more questions here. This means that they have read and it was interesting :)
"VALUE" is what used to matter here - I love that you said that. It was a good tradition. Too bad it's fading away.
Sometimes I have a dilemma-write one big interesting post with lots of photos or divide it into several separate photos with short explanations :(
Because as the statistics of my blog show, big posts deserve much less attention than just photos with explanations. Paradox?! People read less
I liked the design of the Windows and walls in Your photos. Fish scales and stones - look very unusual, it's incredibly hard work to collect so many small parts. But what is the result!
I also like the shutters on the Windows. This gives the Windows a finished look, a special personality of the house. Sometimes they look like decoration. Thanks for the great photos.


I can relate to the frustration
don't worry not everyone doesn't care about value anymore
too bad our VI isn't as much as before anymore
it's hard to be generous casting it these days
I guess that's the cost for growth

Lovely. I like the way you narrate a story behind the photos, it's very pleasant to read indeed!

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