Dawn to Sunrise - 8 August 2018 (Original Video/Photos)

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

On this morning a ground fog obscured the horizon until shortly before the sun rises above the seen horizon.

The forest fires in the western United States are adding to the red tint of the sunrise.

Photographs taken on 8 August 2018.

Sunrise Video

As the photographs were stitched together into this video, I noticed a slight shift from one frame to the next. The photographs in the video cover a 37 minute time-frame.

All the photographs taken have been compiled into a short 9 minute 31 second video. Music: "Blue Danube" by Strauss.

Dawn to Sunrise Photographs in Sequence

Dawn: The period of the day when light begins to appear in the sky from the sun.
Sunrise: The time when you first see the sun in the morning.

To give you an idea of the when the photographs were taken I am adding a T-time. T-0 is sunrise, T-10 is 10 minutes before sunrise, and T+5 is 5 minutes after sunrise.

This is a representative sample of the photographs in the video.

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0001.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 15 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-34

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0054.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 0.8 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-14

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0075.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 0.6 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-10

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0095.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/2 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-6

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0108.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/3 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-3

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0124.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/4 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-1

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0133t0.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/6 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T-0

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0138.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/5 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T+1

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0149.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/5 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T+2

sunrise dawn clouds colorful SR0162.JPG
Original Photo: Canon EOS 7D; f/20; 1/5 sec.; ISO-100; 135mm; Time T+3


When I think about how wonderful it is to capture these moments, I often realize how little I had to do with making these wonderful moments. For I am just the guy behind the camera.

Director and Producer
God Almighty

Musical Score
"Blue Danube" by Strauss

Camera Operator
a.k.a. "Steem On" on YouTube


CameraCanon EOS 7D
LensCanon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom
FiltersTiffen UV Protection Filter, Tiffen Circular Polarizer Glass Filter
TripodManfrotto MT190XPRO3 3 Section Aluminum Tripod Legs with Q90 Column (Black)

Use of Photographs/Videos

I used the SteemIt icon in my photo credit to indicate these photographs were originally posted on SteemIt.
The photographs and videos in this post are free to be used by anyone as long as the photo credit is left on the photograph.

Photo/Video Editing

Video editing performed with Adobe Primiere Elements 2018. Affiliate link to Amazon.com provided for your convenience.

Thank You!

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Thank you!


Lovely nature! Sunrise is the most amazing thing one must be thankful every, morning.

very cool

Buen trabajo como siempre. Gracias por compartir...



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Nice photograph. I like your photograph

sir, in india my vanarsi is very femous for suryodya, near by river ganga very chrming sunrise, some time i enjoying this movment, i like this post very nice colorful morning, thanks for sharing this wonderful moments.

Me too from UP

Marvelous photography thanks for sharing.


Nice work🤘 Love the blood red sunrise 😍

Rise with the sunrise :)

@etcmike, I personally liked the T-3 because no matter how many times i am watching it, still the lite reddish essence is dominating.

And literally clouds are speaking it's own stories and clouds are complimenting amazingly to all these layers of colours.

And literally speaking every place doesn't hold the same essence of beauty of Sunrise and Sunset and that is the breathtaking aspect.

Keep up and for sure you've captured beautiful aspects of sunrise and in my opinion watching it live will be more amazing scene.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

hello @etcmike
I was waiting for your new photo shoots. I enjoy your work. it's really good work. I love all photo shoots.
Thanks, Mike.

The work is too goodvoh

Very good pictures looks like a professional one...thanks bro

Wow..... seorang photografer profesional...good job

Wow its amazing photographs 😊

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hello mike, I think dawn has a special meaning for you. For me the beauty of a new day, it is hope, it is to leave behind darkness, the cold, to receive the heat and be able to see new people, talk with those we love, share our dreams. I wrote this, hearing the background noise you have put in your video. Once again for your producer and for you, they make wonderful duo. A hug. Ahhh and thank you for supporting me in my post.

Beautiful and magical natural scenes to capture this is a delight to checkout :)

que buena seciones fotos, tu trabajo es muy bueno. sigue asi, saludos

Hello @etcmike .. Greetings.
Surprisingly amazing photographs you have clicked... appreciate you.

Your all Dawn to Sunrise Photo is very nic.I like your potos.

Very nice! keep it up...

Wonderful photographs @etcmike i loved these photographs.

I am very Observed .To see this picture.
Keep Going Good One.

very beautiful sunrise

Woww beautiful view 😍

How adorable is the view, all the pink color has lit the sky beautifully.you got amazing photography skills. keep up with good work.

@etcmike You've done a great job. Nice sunset looking so beautiful!

Thank you for sharing information with us.

ahh yes this is much better , music on point.

Rwaly beautiful video topic.I like it

Really it's an amazing beautiful time of nature and you took this wonderful moment, all the photographs beautiful as usual. Yesterday i took this photograph and that was also a beautiful moment like your's. Have a look


Amazing photograph!

Have a great week!
Steem on,

Thank you very much, have a great week too.

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Superb pictures sir thanks a lot for sharing.

the surrise is so beautiful.love your picture!

Nice photo of sunrise!

Waooo felicitaciones nuevamente , esta vez te luciste, con esa pieza musical tan bella, Danubio Azul, adaptada al vídeo en el cual refleja un hermoso amanecer cargado de amor, esperanza, contraste, mucho brillo, lo que mas me impresiono del vídeo fue la salida del sol por el oriente tan bello amanecer. Congratulations. Besitos y saludos desde Venezuela.

nice sunset photo

No one compete with the beauty of nature!

Nature is nature!

Wow..Outstanding colorful natural photography. At sunrise, it seems that the rays of fire come out of the sky and they are slowly climbing together in the water.

I like those who are really passionate about taking photos of the nature..

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What a gorgeous photograph.. congrats, excellent work!!


Todo un espectáculo @etcmike excelentes toma 📸saludos!

Wow... that golden hour... it's just magical..
I've tried to capture it in my mobile... it's great!😍

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Very well posted. The golden sky looks very nice to look at. All in all have been very good. thanks for sharing.

Thank You


So sweet photography sir. thank you for so much.

You would feel lucky to frame something like incredible!! I never tried to get up earliest in the morning to feel the "Sunrise". Now I'm gonna try from today. I know it takes time to get used to but " if there is will, there is a way".

I feel very fortunate to see such sunrises and capture the sunrise in photographs.

I got up early this morning to see the sunrise, but the fog is too thick today. There is always tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!
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