Iridescent Magnificence - Nature's Circle of Life

in #photographylast year

A few days ago I made a post sharing some photos of a green iridescent scarab full of life and hiding in the mulch. IMG_7601.JPEG

Today I found another nurturing life through its own demise.


It's a great reminder that many humans have such a dismal look on death, and such a fear of its coming, that they live in a state of constant protection, being afraid to truly live.


I've never met anyone who has escaped death through eternity, so it seems to me that succombing to a limited life based on fear hasn't really solved the "I'm not going to die equation".


I prefer to live fully while alive, even if it means an earlier death, and especially if it means choosing vibrancy, judgment and shaking others up over dumbing myself down to conformity and remaining small.


A wise Being has told me

"One must die to be reborn" @quinneaker

and it is no more apparent than in nature as the circle of life exemplifies the perpetual cycle. Not only is this in the physical realm, but the emotional, mental and spiritual realms as well.

Question Everything!
Do Nothing Out of Fear!
Live Fully!
Leave your mark while you are here!
It's all in Divine Alignment!

Shellie aka @everlove 💞

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