Calvin Klein, Call Me, I'll Hook Ya Up


I had the pleasure of shooting, and dictating directing Otto for this series of photographs, and a few you saw previously. I had a pretty clear vision of wanting to shoot a very ab-ful series of photos, but down to earth, and to make it look like I just had this kind of a male casually hanging at my home all day every day.

Which could not be further from the truth but I've always been a bit of a dreamer and an illusionist when it comes to portraits.

Shot with the Nikon D720 and Sigma 85mm f1.4.





No Boobs, No Vote!

Hahaha that's fair, but I recall getting quite a few votes from you and my boobs are even smaller than his!😝

Ups, lol, I need new glasses.

You never know! One day maybe! ;) <3

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I also want to be shot like one of your french girls

Have you been on a french girl diet?

Unfortunately no, I don't smoke, but give me 6 - 8 years and I'll get that six pack

But you have the wine and bread part down right?

Oh that I got down, have you seen this ass? 50% African genetics 50% carbs and drinking extra calories for sure. Lol I guess you'll have to work with that as my good side

If Calvin Klein was calling everyone, the name would be Callvin Klein!

Nice photoshoot. Didn't read the text. You look a bit weird bith a beard, but it's OK.

🥁 🥁

Text don't matter, I haz the pics. Pics tell many things.