Lady is Not a Tramp

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I think I am slowly getting the hang of portrait photography, and can produce results that I am proud of. This set, especially the last picture, is something that for me, makes an impact. The last photograph might be my most dynamic self portrait I have ever taken, most everything else feels like trash after it. Though I wasn't sure if I should have cropped it for an intense close up, like I showed the preview of it couple days ago, but decided to leave it as it. I can always change it later if I want to print it out or something, feedback is welcome.

I had a lot of fun shooting these and if you wanna see something extra, a little clip of me moving in this setting, you will have to check it on my Instagram. If it was easy to include a the little clip here, I would, but I have zero interest in messing with tube right now for a 3 second video.

Self portraits shot with the Fujifilm x100f.






Yes. She is a Tramp but a cute one.

Fine fine, maybe a little bit.

I think ... I must try my Small Sony NEX-5T Camera and try photography you :)

I don’t play well with others.

Npr :)) ... I was just ask ;)

Now you have your own stage where you are the star of a cabare! Love that.

Would love to work in a dingy and dark cabare bar.

A good backlit photograph is a challenge but when it works out the results are dramatic. You did great here!

Let me tell you a secret, these pictures were just an extra I took when shooting, just to try it out, but ended up being the main event 😅

100 / 100
Stunning work !!!

  • happily resteemed :)

I definitely agree. You have got the hang of it. I admire your use of film for your work. Keep up the good work. Your portraits are amazing lately.

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I don’t use film😅 but thank you!

Changed your hair?
Nice pix

No? It’s just a hairstyle.

Wow, that is some fantastic B&W photography!

Thank you very much!

The coat is really nice with the black hat. Great work :)


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