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I don't like using the NSFW-tag, because it hides the whole post, so the headline warning is my way around that. If that is not enough of a warning to you, then flag away.

Apparently there are people who follow me and prefer tits over ass, so I'm giving those weirdos a little treat this time around. I much prefer the ass side of myself, but sometimes the tits want to come out to play too.

I have a pretty platonic relationship towards boobs and nipples, they don't really do much for me. In theory, I understand why some/most people get turned on by boobs and want to touch and suck on them, but it's not my thing, not on the receiving end of things either. But sure I can appreciate a good looking pair of breast tissue, but mostly for their aesthetic appeal, and I don't mind showing mine.





Which do you prefer, the ass or the boobs?


Not safe work but is there safe place to be nude :)

Why not take the question to the next level?

Would an ass be better if they had nipples on them?
Would boobs be better if they had a hole between them?

These are questions nobody dares to ask.

The question between tits or ass is somewhat easy for most but I have no clue. I have my own preferences in both, but in the ends tits matter more. No, it's ass. Tits. Maybe tits.

They are such pretty birds.

You could be a pioneer in this field and maybe get a fund from the government for your research!

The eyes

How innocent :D

Oh sorry, those were your nipples... My bad.

Uh, that's a tough one. To be honest, I kinda like when a girl has both.
That being said, I was never into big (tits or asses). I guess it could be 'cos I'm not what you would call petite and we all know that opposites attract.

Hahaa, a funny one! ;) I am not a fan of big asses either, even though I am more attracted to a good ass. Small and firm is the what I like!

Hm, I'm kinda more small and firm on the front ;)

Boobs or butt? Both. Funny, I'm not attracted to women, but I'd look at a naked woman before a naked man any day. Women are just good looking. You have a sort of look of happy release on your face, as though it is a relief to strip off the shirt. I'm sure it must have been.

I'm right there with you! I think most people prefer looking at naked women over a naked man, we just look better, can't help it! My instagram feed is filled with beautiful half naked women that inspire me.

My shirt wasn't covering too much to begin with, but I do like being naked :P

To your question, I prefer the latter. I'm personally not quite sure what people find so interesting about the former... but we are all different and have different preferences, and it's part of what makes us awesome.

I couldn't tell you why I prefer the ass, maybe it's the fact that ass is muscle and tits are fat, idk.

I don't discriminate. Both are equally welcome with me :)

Nice tan lines, btw. That's always been a turn-on for me...don't know exactly why or how common that is with men or women. Don't really care to be honest.

All I know is that I'm pretty particular in what I (physically) like and tan lines are right up towards the top of my list. Ass and tits are tied probably at second place, but a seductive (teasing), confident gaze is what can make me go crazy for a girl, especially if she checks off on the rest of the list and ten times over if she's really feminine.

Eye contact can say a whole lot more in just a few seconds than a whole night of talking and observing body language ever can. And you know right away when they like what they see, which I suppose is at least part of the turn-on.

It would be weird do discriminate the other completely "No, put that ass away, I don't wanna see it at all!" 😝

Thank you, I have been working hard on those tan lines this summer, I'm glad it's paying off! I do wish the tanlines on the boob area would be smaller and more defined, I need to work on that on my next beach holiday!

Sure there are a lot of things that come to play in being attracted to someone, but when talking just about asses and tits, most people have a preference over the other.

Haha, touché.

I'm more attracted to the body ratio, hips to waist to breasts, than I am to any specific body parts, but I'm even more attracted by how it all moves together and that's where femininity and sexual confidence starts to come into play. There are ass-men and breast-men and then there are guys like me -- the whole-package-men ;)

How about you. Are you a whole-package-woman? Or are you all about the dick and ass?

an apple a day keeps the doctor away...
I like both options. But overall I would probably say that your mouth and/or tongue shots are most alluring. Most of the time they show hair as well so that is another +

Careful now I might get used to triple daily posts.

We are not talking about whether one likes MY ass or boobs better, but in general!

It always makes me smirk when you say you have a thing for my hair, it's kinda fun!

Whatever you think of them, @eveuncovered, you have been blessed by beautiful breasts. Well formed, just the right size. Cute, well-formed and well-defined little nipples. It's your business being ambivalent about them, but I'm not.
Thank you again for sharing of your self.

My titties thank you and will make another appearance :)

In order of preference: eyes, ass, boobs, hair, feet, hands. All of these combined with a pleasant smell and smile! Am I asking too much?

Definitely not asking too much, we want it all and we don't want to settle for anything less!

I do like a balance of both, but if I am pushed to choose one, breasts are it! Have a Fantastic Friday and keep on killin it!

this is a tough question and I don't want to get it wrong, so I will need to see more ass. ;)

You have seen a lot of that from me already!

The official statement from the Dporn team is we like both.

Real friends show me their boobs true frnd touch me their boobs oh shit please Please tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes 😉😉 @eveuncovered

Admire you... 😊

Except all of these things, everyone should admire himself or herself for all the things he or she has, without any specific attention to other's opinions.

It really depends on the mood

Beautiful girl, pics, and nipples. :)
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

I need to bust out my nipples but I don’t want all the ladies to start staring 😂

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You have been working out a lot lately so you should do some shirtless progress photos, just for keeping a record, nothing sexual about it!

Na, I'll get less upvotes because the whales and dolphins will get mad hahaha

Well if you ain't got the balls... 😈

I don’t have any cause you keep bustin my balls on steemit 😂

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I need new balls to bust, you are not a worthy opponent!

Such a great picture, no doubt your Girl photo is actually good.

Such a great picture,
No doubt your Girl photo is
Actually good.

                 - nithin7237

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Well good question!
Hmmmmm, I like both. But on you I like your smile and beautiful blue eyes. And petty figure.
Great angel face!

I prefer both.

Booobieeeeees!! Together with a pretty face, best combination for me :)

I hate that I have to choose, but I tend to gravitate more towards boobs.

That’s the beauty of it all, you don’t have to choose, you can have both!

Hello :)
The beauty of a woman is in her face and in her breast. At the upper part of the body. The other part is an aspect of body weight that should be low or ideal, but it is not about beauty. The beauty is up :)
That's my personal opinion.

Of course the bootie , of course I do like boobs..but bootie is gold !

She is quite yummy. I prefer both. There is no way I can choose or would want to for that matter.

"Which do you prefer, the ass or the boobs?"

I don't know, I saw neither.