Pushing Myself

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I want to push myself to be better. Better in photography, better in modeling, better for myself. I want to be healthier, stronger, more beautiful, more stable and hopefully happier.

I lived for years solely fueled by sugar and white wheat, and it has rotted me from inside out, probably more than I even know. Along with the physical rot, I've rotted myself mentally with a work I hate. I've given so much of me to people that don't give anything back. I'm so done, I want out.

I have so much passion, overflowing, and I grow more and more restless and frustrated every day I can't harness it for my own good. For as long as I can't fully do what I want to, I keep avoiding most people so I don't snap their necks. The passion in me either burns me and simultaneously the people around me out, or I harness it for creating something that will have value to both me, and possibly the people viewing it.

I've been keeping my fire suffocated for far too long.

I'm only getting started. I need time. I need space. I need freedom.





And I need a wider lens, or a bigger apartment. Either one will do.



As always, photographed, modeled, styled, lived by yours truly.


@eveuncovered Some weeks ago I wrote you are worth to paint - well it is no painting but a drawing I made. I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate a feedback from you :-)


Have a great day, Martin!

It is only when we're unafraid of losing everything that we're free to do anything.

Rage hard. Push back. Break things, toss out the trash.

We make our lives from the threads of compromise. Time to shed those rags, and step out into the rain.

Freedom isn't free, its earned with every step against the wind.

Let the storms come, my laughter will fill the skies.

I thought of you and your words when I walked back from work and it was raining.

Maybe take a few days holiday somewhere, if work allows it.. recharge the batteries ;)

I will, soon, but that isn't a permanent solution.

true, but a short break will do wonders to reset your mind.

Found myself sympathizing for pretty much everything you said. It is a tough situation to be in. And of course, found myself staring at the marvel of you. Amazing once again.

I think most people would agree but almost everyone is too afraid to say it aloud, even to themselves. I was like that before too.

And thank you again.

As always a special tease your photos. Wonderful!

To become a better person, one must push themselves to their limits and then brake them over and over and over again

True change... like most things worth having... is hard work, but also worth the effort.

The psychological tenet loosely known as "falsification of self" (which-- sadly-- a lot of people get trapped in) is bad for us. Not only bad, it can actually make us sick, both physically and emotionally. So change is not merely "nice" and "good for us," it's sometimes essential to our well-being.

That's especially true for creative types who often labor under societal pressure (as I am sure you have) to "do something real" with their lives.

Keep on keepin' on-- be yourself!

I suspect you need a dedicated muse my dearest Eve... I'm happy to oblige in fostering all of your passions - if only you'd ask... Your wish is my command... Lovely shoot! Push yourself into the realm of possibilities - and never look back...

Great photos, amazing modelling and photography those are all ticked.

The first part is the want to do it. Changing your diet is massively heard but very easy once you do, I am well to be honest about 6 months in to true diet change. I far of perfect but an noticing the changes massively in my mental state. A long way to go but you will notice the benefits quickly :)

As for freedom we all working on that together the start is Stemmit. One that 100th monkey is wake wow freedom is truly on it way :)

I'm also displeased with how things are in most everything I do. I am considering a career as a naked Mime, just walking city streets with a tip jar hanging from my........neck.

Very beautiful and shots.
Looks like some good bed stretches ! ;)

Thanks! I'm as stretchy as an iron rod, these poses were anything but comfortable for me😝

You're like fine wine, you're only gonna get better as time goes on... Keep on STEEMin, we love you here :)

WOW ! Amazing !!!

Revel in your youth and youthful energy! Take full advantage of your freedom to embrace your passion. Now is the time.

Your photography is top-notch! Excellent lighting!