Shy Nudist

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Little explorations in Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Feeling better and more playful than in this set. I got some ice-cream which surely cheered me up.

We climbed to a watchtower with my photographer friend and got a little playful in the hot weather. I think I might have shown a fair share of skin to people that were approaching the tower but apparently didn't want to come too close to disturb us.




More to follow soon


I like it when your shy ☺️

It won't last...

You have such a significant sized tattoo on your leg, but only a few smaller other ones, any plans for another big tattoo soon?

I know I want some flowers, probably roses or apple blossoms, but I have no definitely plans yet. I'm not in a hurry to cover myself in tattoos, and I'm also a pussy when it comes to the pain of getting them! 😅

I'm sure when the time is right you'll choose something special.

I've never taken the plunge to get a tattoo, but always had an interest in Egyptology ... so maybe one day an eye of horus or something for me.

Thanks for sharing your photos and your life on here - you seem very cool, and a bit quirky lol

I have a question for you. "If your shadow is the second most beautiful thing in the world, which is the first?

Did I mention you have a great smile... I don't think so... but besides the bootie the smile is one out of 1000 😀😀

I gave you a perfect

You shouldn t be shy

Perfect upvote, thihihi, thank you! 😁

If you're ever in Florida, we should grab a drink and something to eat...

Sure, I don't know you but of course I'm gonna go on a dinner date with you!

So that's the reason you didn't come on dinner with me/us!

You look great, im sure that'll make you lots of money on here..

Thank you, yes looking great equals a lot of moneys yes yes.

pretty sure you're being sarcastic, but its true haha

Me, sarcastic, never! 😇

I'm looking fabulous, can I make a lot of money?

yes, a very shy, and pretty smile, but, i truly loved the first set of images in Just Act Cool!

so seriously and pensive, there!

Bonjour, je vois qu'une jeune femme légèrement dénudée fait toujours autant recette, vous avez cet atout, alors exploiter !
Pour ma part je suis beau, grand, intelligent, et sens bon, mais j’ai plus de poil que vous (lol),
alors je ne score pas autant,
de ce fait je ne vous invite pas au restaurant ce samedi à bora bora,
ha ha ha !!!

upon consideration of this I am going to go with "the ass". ;)

Ah, the beautiful fashionable hand-bra!
Never goes out of style.
science fiction, fantasy, erotica

How could she be shy as a nudest???