A caterpillar and countless bees - Photography

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It has been almost a year since I moved to Pyeongchang, the city of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Actually, Pyeongchang is not a city, but a very distant rural area with intact natural beauties. Since I am very accustomed to living in a city, living in Pyeongchang is sometimes challenging, including hard labor of weeding and being stung by a huge wasp!

However, living in Pyeongchang gives me visual satisfaction on a daily basis. I mean, I can see many different natural beauties that I couldn't possibly see in the city.

I found this little buddy in my backyard. This caterpillar was holding the green leaf and trying to grab some bites. When I was a little kid, there were caterpillars in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. But they are all gone now in the city. It has been about 30 years when I last saw them in my sight. I was thrilled to meet this friend and took this picture.

In May, I planted the corn seedlings on the small farmland. Now they are almost full grown. On the cornflowers feast countless bees. Endless buzzing sound and cooperative harmony! I think the bees are working for their families. This spectacle scene is something that I have never been able to witness in my entire life. I am so grateful for this beautiful concert just in front of my eyes.

But I hate wasp stings!

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