Backroads Drive: Somewhere Around Orinoco (Original Photograhy)

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Well, it's been another hot one, but the evening was cool, with spectacular, poofy clouds. After a storm, we always seem to get interesting cloud formations. To better enjoy it, I hopped in the truck, rolled the window down with the little door-mounted crank, and slid the rear window open. The clutch has been acting up a bit, but the little manual truck still gets me where I want to go.

Got Gravel?
Even with the gravel still fairly moist after the rainfall, my truck churned up a modest cloud of dust. It's been awhle since I've gotten out like this, and it was sorely needed. A couple deer almost got sorely plowed over, when they jumped in the road. Fortunately for them, I wasn't going very fast and being vigilant.

Another Deer!
Speaking of deer... It's not uncommon for farmers to leave their tractors in the fields. They make for great photography subjects. John Deere is probably the most popular tractor brand around here, as they're made just south of the Minnesota border in Iowa. When I lived in Spain, I saw a Lamborghini tractor, but haven't seen one on this side of the Atlantic, yet.

The Original Corny
One good thing about a lot of moisture is that the corn does very well. In this part of the country, we act ually get "Ag Reports" on the radio, which are basically short stock-market briefs for farmers. Hearing how the price of hogs has gone up while soy beans and corn have fallen sure makes a person feel like they're in the countryside!

What the...
Were they going for barn or house, here? I wonder what they used this for. It looks like it might make a decent wood shop, but it is a bit small.

Hay! Straw?
Who can pass up a straw bale photo?! The pastel colors really made for a beautiful backdrop. This may be a contender for the most "Minnesotan" photo I've ever taken.

"Fix me... Fix me..."

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Looks like a gorgeous and fun, country day out. Love that barn/potential too-small woodshop. And never knew Lamborghini made a tractor. "Zero to 70 in three corn rows flat." Get everything done by breakfast.
Got a good chortle on the Most Minnesotan comment. Harrg.

Haaa, love the Zero to 70... @ddschteinn :) And Mark, the Deere and Barn photos are STUNNING!!
I got to tour a Finning and Deere factory (I love that kind of thing) What stands out is when I asked the rep from Finning how they come up with their high pricing, the reply was, they charge what the customer can bear (grrrr) and at the Deere factory, if an employee can figure out how to save the company money, the employee gets a good portion (I forget how much) for the next 10 years (I think it was 10). So needless to say that John Deere impressed me even though their forte is farm equipment and not construction equipment.
Always brilliant photos!!

Haha, yeah. I even took a photo of it, but it doesn't look as fast as it sounds :-)

Were they going for barn or house, here?

To me, it looks more like a house. I really like the composition of this photo and how the branches create a "natural" vignetting effect :)

Thanks! I wonder if the building was modified to be a barn from an original farmhouse. The gable at the top is definitely a barn feature, and there aren't many windows, but it is much more house-shaped. It would be interesting to hear the story behind that one...

Pretty nice pics 🐂🚜 hehehe Donde viviste en España? 😊

Gracias! Vivía tres años, uno en Jerez de la Frontera, otro en un el pueblo de Los Barrios, el el último en la ciudad de Ronda. Nunca quería volver a USA, pero bueno. Así es la vida.

Heheheh todo en andalucia... Al calorcito ehh? 😊☀️🔥🌞☀️hahah Seguro k es diferente si, pero nunca se sabe si volveras! 😉👍😊🏖️💃💃🥘💃

Wooden old style house have always been my fav since childhood when I used to see the cartoons and there used to be a old style wooden house but the sad part never got a chance to live in...The photography is awesome ...

Thanks. This "house" is a barn... I think. It's an odd structure.

Yes it is very odd

Your photos are just so beautiful @fotosdenada There's nothing quite like jumping in a vehicle (truck, bike, car......whatever) and enjoying a rude in the country. Thank you for taking us through this very picturesque area.

Than you! It's much more pleasant driving through the countryside, although a bike would have been awful, I think. The mosquitos and biting insects here are having a prolific year.

We get those awful mosquitos here too @fotosdenada but are worse further north than where we live. They can spoil you day can't they? Do small and yet they cause a lot of grief.

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Some beautiful photos. Love the one of the little old wood-white building.