Portland Plants 16 - The sun has arrived in Portland and the plants love it! Come see some of the strange things growing in my neighborhood.


Portland Plants 16:

The sun has arrived and it is glorious! The weather was perfect yesterday and I went out for a long walk. I found a ton of crazy plants and flowers to take pictures of.

I think I may have a slight problem with my plant obsession. When I started this, I would return home with 30 or 40 photos. Now I'm returning home with 200+ photos! It's taking me ages to go through them all and touch them up.

After a lifetime of ignoring the plants around me, I'm enjoying the new and unique perspective that the viewfinder of my camera is providing. I hope you enjoy some of my photos!

baby flourish.png


I'm told that these are called Bleeding Hearts. This is such a strange and striking plant! Thankfully, I only saw a few of these plants. Otherwise, I would have spent the whole time taking photos of these guys.




I can't get over how weird these plants are.


baby flourish.png


The little blue flowers that were growing next to the Bleeding Hearts look like they have little happy faces growing with them.


baby flourish.png


These flowers seemed kind of unique.


baby flourish.png


These blue flowers were growing wild, next to a road.




baby flourish.png


I like how these little purple ones look like they have claws or tusks growing from the center.




baby flourish.png

I'm going to cut this post short and end it here. I've got some good macro shots of some very strange plants, but I'll save them for another post.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


these flowers... are amazing.
you did a great thing sharing them with us.
and thanks for that.

My pleasure. I'm happy that Steemit gives me the opportunity and motivation to pursue my hobby.

yeah, i'm happy for that too.
now i'm full into steemit.
i create content about my personal story too which i can't even tell my friends.

so steemit is more than a friend to me.
it helps me share all my thoughts with the whole world.
and there are persons like you whom i didn't even remember.
but we can now share our thoughts among us through steemit.
isn't it a good thing?

i want in.

I've added you to the list. Thanks for signing up!

it's a pleasure, my friend.
it would be very good if you you let me know whether i have to do anything else.
i mean is there any work for the person who is in your list?
i'm new here in steemit, so i don't know much.
that's why i'm giving you the burden as a friend.

No, there's nothing for you to do. I post this list on all of my posts. Because your name is on the list, apps like eSteem will notify you that you've been mentioned. It's just a way for me to try to let people know that I've made a new post.

it's a great thing.
that means i'll have notification if you make a new post.
this way, i'll be able to see all your works.
i just researched your blog and found out various amazing photos of different flowers.
and i love photography.
so, it'll be very good for me.
don't forget to mention me in the future post of yours.

thanks man.


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