Portland Plants 20 - Check out some of the plants that I found in a nearby forest


Portland Plants 20:

The title of this post is a lie. None of these pictures were taken in Portland, but I don't want to start a new series or interrupt the Portland Plants series. We'll call this a special edition :)

With that said, Yesterday I left Portland and visited my old friend @grr8-one. He lives in a more rural part of Oregon with lots of forest areas. The two of us went for a walk in search of new plants. @grr8-one brought his dog along for the walk.

We did find some new plants, but they are a lot more difficult to find in forests than in front yards.

Here are some of the photos from my outing with @grr8-one and his dog, Juanito.

baby flourish.png


This first flower was growing on a rotted tree stump.




baby flourish.png


My guess is that this is the most common flower in Oregon, maybe in America. These tiny little white and yellow flowers grow everywhere. They pop up on every lawn or grassy area they can find.








Juanito liked the flowers but seemed suspicious of my camera.


I like when they grow next to these little blue flowers.


baby flourish.png



This plant didn't look like much in person, but I like the photos of it.



The plants were actually on their side when I found them. I don't know if they grow sideways like that, or if they just fall over when they're dead.


baby flourish.png


Here's another interesting plant. It wasn't very impressive in person.



baby flourish.png


This plant really caught my attention when I saw it. I kept getting distracted by them when @grr8-one was trying to show me a giant bullfrog in the water.





I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that this is a baby version of the plant above it. The segments make me think they're related. Maybe not. I only saw one of these baby plants.


baby flourish.png


I've posted this kind of flower before, but I have never posted white ones with leopard spots before. These flowers grow on bushes by the million.


baby flourish.png


We found some trillium in the forest. The flowering season appears to be coming to an end because most of the ones that we found had wilted flowers. These were the only ones that still looked alive.


baby flourish.png

That's it for my photos of specific plants. I've got some decent forest shots, but since I've already got more than 30 photos in this post I'll save them for later. If you'd like to see more photos of Juanito and @grr8-one, I posted a bunch of them over here.

I hope you enjoyed some of the photos!


I ran one of your photos through deep dream. :)

That is pretty trippy.

Nice photos.I love spring.

Me too. This spring seems different to me now that I have a camera. It's a new experience for me to pay such close attention to the plants. I'm enjoying this spring a lot!

I have been following your portland plant series for some time now, and i can say they are always mindblowing pictures of nature.

Thank you! I'm glad that you are enjoying the series.

So where is the frog!? :D

Hah, I kept missing it. We saw another frog, but it was too far for photos.

We also saw a salamander, but it's tough to get good photos of it in the water.

You can sort of see it in the lower center of this pic.

The white flowers are chamomile flowers, I am extremely fond of this flower. Thank you for sharing!

Ahh. Chamomile. I didn't know that. Thank you!

every plant are looking so good.
some great photography here.

i just don't know anything at all about this photo.

it's a good one.
wish we had these type of plants in our country.

It's so weird. I'm not sure if I've ever seen them before.

so we are in the same phase, huh?
but it's looking great.

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