Portland Plants 24 - The roses are blooming in Rose City!


Portland Plants 24:

Last weekend I went out looking for plants with my nephew @skunkybum. We took a short walk around the neighborhood to see what we could find.

We found that the roses have started to bloom and that there are a ton of plants that I know very little about. We spotted a few new plants, as well as some familiar ones.

Here are the photos.

baby flourish.png


We saw a lot of normal looking rose bushes, but there were also several huge bushes that were as tall as a house. I didn't take many photos of the roses because they're so common around here.



baby flourish.png


The poppies are coming in pretty strong too. These flowers really remind me of California, but I don't recall ever noticing white poppies before.




baby flourish.png


These flowers are new to me. I like how the opening part has ruffles on it.




baby flourish.png


I love these plants! I featured some blue ones in Portland Plants 23. I don't know if the flowers will be red when they bloom or if they turn blue as they mature.



You can see that this blue one has a little pink at the top, so maybe they all start out red.


baby flourish.png

This is a weird one that I only took one good photo of.

baby flourish.png


Here's another strange one. These look a whole lot like the little blue flowers that grow everywhere around here. But these ones were huge! The blue ones don't even grow to knee-height.




baby flourish.png


These were kind of strange too. It looks like there's tissue paper growing out of the center.



baby flourish.png

I'm going to cut this one short with only 24 photos. The walk was a fairly short one.


you live in a flower filled place. I can't do this because of allergies. Thanks for posting them here on steem though, haha

I've been lucky so far this year. I usually get allergies, but so far I haven't had to take any pills this year (knock on wood).

hey, @fronttowardenemy.
i don't know how to express my feeling about photos.
actually i do like your photos and if i say i like your photo then it would be a crime, i guess.
i don't know what should i tell about a photo that i really like.

your photos amuse me much so i could say it's an amazing photo.
but that might be another crime.

actually that pleasestop bot replied in some of my comment where i meant them and that's why i'm so upset knowing that i can't say amazing photo which i really think an amazing one.

What an abundance of flowers! I love the macro shots, really get to see the finer detail. I'd defo be sneezing like a MF around most these lol

Great shots man, those are really beautiful images. (:

Thanks! Glad you liked them.

Think we call the red tall ones' Red Hot Pokers. Not sure if that's official, sure doesn't sound like it. But who knows. Thanks for more looks around the colorful neighborhood.

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