Portland Plants - Mother's Day Edition


Portland Plants: Mother's Day Edition

Happy Mother's Day, everybody! This post is for my mom @lookieloops. She's busy today, so she gets a Steemit post instead of a phone call.

My mom's favorite flowers are Cala lilies, and I just happened to come across some earlier in the week. I must have walked by hundreds of houses, and so far I've only one house is growing them.

Before taking these photos, I had never paid much attention to these flowers. Now that I've seen them on the screen, it's hard not to appreciate the flowing, graceful lines. There's something about these flowers that plants the words "free spirit" into my mind.

My mom is a free spirit in the sense that she's always trying something new, or learning something new, or starting a new business, or having another great idea. She's gone to Mexico just to learn Spanish, bought a drum kit to learn drums, started about 5 or 6 businesses, has done a wide variety of volunteer work, and always encouraged me to be the best that I can be. Even in "retirement", she's working her tail off selling her invention. She's probably doing more work while retired than I ever have at a job.

My mom is a huge inspiration to me and I feel blessed to have been raised by her.

Now, here are the photos.

baby flourish.png


There were only 2 planters with these flowers in them, so there's a lot of different shots of the same flowers.








baby flourish.png

That's it for this post. I hope you all have a great Mother's Day!


When I was viewing the pictures I feel like I am also there. Such a lovely captures.

waaw amazing flower photography 👍🏻 🌺 greetings

It looks like HOA LOA KÈN in my country


The pictures are as beautiful as ever and your mother is a great woman.

an awesome one.
happy mothers day.

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