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RE: Portland Plants 27 - Plenty of Portland plants as well as a few Portland pests!

Yeah, I pretty much just take a ton of pictures and hope a few will be in focus.

The coloring of that rose really does feel like a sunset. And the way the edges of the petals are a little darker adds a cool dynamic.


Thats the same for me. See what sticks to the wall. What kind of edits did you do? if any?

For 99% of my photos, I only do the auto adjustment, medium contrast, and boost presets in Lightroom. I usually crop, add some contrast and dehaze, and adjust the brightness. That's it for all of this post's photos. Occasionally I'll use the content-aware fill and the rubber stamp tool in Photoshop to remove ugliness, but not often.

I'm happy to show an unedited version of one of my photos if you're curious about one in particular.

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