Capturing The Moment - Part 1 (Original Work)

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

The Classic Sunset 

 The infamous expression "A picture is worth a thousand words" is an understatement in my opinion. The amount of words a picture could be worth would be left to the human imagination and the moment captured will play a major factor.  Here is a shot I took a few years back. From all the photographs that I have taken, this is probably my favorite of all time.

 I was patiently waiting for the right moment when the sun was setting and it just so happened that a tour boat was passing by making the picture even so greater. I love when the sky turns red and I wanted to edit the picture and show you a different perspective while still maintaining a realistic look. I gave the rest of the picture a light blue color while making the sky slightly red which created a distinguishable contrast allowing the redness to stick out more with out abusing the color. In addition to that, more light was added to the picture so that it can create a more comfortable, warm and positive  feeling when compared to the dark clouds on the original picture. 

This is  Saint Petersburg Beach and the picture is facing the Gulf of Mexico in case you were wondering. The beauty of this sunset makes you wonder about the architect that designed the universe and this view  truly shows a glimpse of it's greatness. My vocabulary is not as developed to be able to fully describe what I feel when looking in to this (especially witnessing it live) and I am not ever sure I will be able to.  The picture was edited because I wanted you to see a different perspective because we don't all see things the same way :)

Here is the original picture without any editing. No matter how much I enjoyed editing the picture I always want the true nature to remain untouched for those that might want to know how it's original form was. Nothing ever beats the real untouched version, it is the real natural beauty.  

The content on this publication is my original work.  All images have been taken  and edited by me and all text that does not include quotations or references is written by me. 


Thank you  for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Please share your thoughts below and comment on what you think :]

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Wow, how it would feel to experience this in real when it is so mesmerizing.
While reading the post, I was thinking that how could a guy explain a picture in so many words and then I read that you still don't have words to explain. Oh my.
Really a great effort. Satisfying to watch and enjoyable to read.

Thank you man, I appreciate you taking the time to read it and I am glad that you enjoyed it :)

Great post, Florida has the best sunsets!

Thanks Mark, I agree!

Sunset is a blessing to humanity. Because many times, we work under intense sun. Thank God for some that can afford a air conditioner

That's true :)

beautiful moment, swimming to the sun..

wow. nice. perfecetly captured photo sir. I like the unedited one though. so natural.

Thank you, I like both of them which is why I had to put the original one as well.

Wow, the sunset looks like it's ripped straight out of The Revenant, that one film Leo won his Oscar for. Gorgeous look, man!! x

haha thanks :)

woo.. sunset yang sangat indah @generation


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