Capturing The Moment - Part 2 (Original Work)

in #photography4 years ago

 The Calm Before A Storm


I decided to not edit the image what so ever and leave it as it is. I believe there is nothing more beautiful than the original work of nature. It is amazing how everything is quiet with no wind and waves. I have always enjoyed looking at how everything is in a tropical climate right before a major storm. What makes things even better is when you are at a tropical beach. The green color of the water shows us that there is a lot of vegetation and life and when a storm approaches the sky gets darker  the water gets even greener which looks spectacular. 

A great comforting feeling arises within me when the weather and water is warm and when I see  a storm approaching. Maybe it's just me but I find comfort in nature when there are storms. 

The content on this publication is my original work.  All images have been taken  and edited by me and all text that does not include quotations or references is written by me. 

Thank you  for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed. Please share your thoughts below and comment on what you think :]

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Great capture!

Thanks Mark, we have beautiful scenery in our state :)

I would love to visit someday.

Truly, nothing is more beautiful than the original work of nature.

Great photo

nice photo @generation ,, i feel it