2000 followers - Ripple is not going up because the masses are moving in, Ripple is going up because banks are buying it! Update on "Direct to Vendor" charity using Steemit:

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For those new to my blog I am practicing photography so my family and friends can keep up with my travels. I was attempting to travel within my means of a $750.00 per month budget from my VW Camper Van but when van was not ready and winter came in and bitcoin went to the moon I decided on some global tours. Also it has turned into an attempted 100% transparent charity "Direct to Vendor" foundation.

In this blog I am asking my active readers for help doing an audit of the money in pictures posted in my blog and comparing it with steem transfers I have received from 14 days ago started by @OffgridLife. Probably be nice to all be put on a spreadsheet that can be updated by anyone. I will transfer you some steem for your kindness. It would be too cool if you included the price of steem the day of transfer in USD and the value of PESO in USD in pictures.

The following man was happy to let me take his picture and asked nothing for it:
IMG_20180103_214306-01 (1).jpeg

Below here he is with a big surprise of $500.00 PESO's:

The following gentleman asked for $100 PESO's for his picture and he got his fee but I don't think he quite understood when I said if he did not ask for 100 he would have received 500. Below their colorful vending booth doing all day long hard work to feed their families:

The lady below did not ask for anything and was stunned and almost fainted when I gave her $500 PESO (sorry audit trail forgot the picture of money - no worries I will make it up). A lady near from Seattle Washington could not believe her eyes and asked for my blog address so maybe more donations to come! For those without steem you can send bitcoin to this address also 100% traceable: 1MEQxcjgvUugYnJPNB7WSRHurFBoQdcAav

This lady below did not ask for anything for her picture so I bought her last piece of cake and gave her $500 PESO's:

Now back to Ripple in title beware that banksters are buying up ripple it is centralized so cannot be trusted for any store of wealth. You probably still have 100-150% upside but I would caution that after they push it to a market size larger than bitcoin they will do a dump of ripple and buy of bitcoin. Bitcoin is where trusted money is held.

For more on my blog writings here is one on a treasure hunt where we found $2.5 million dollars worth of bitcoin in an old computer but too bad it got transferred out to someone.

I also would like some of my active commenters to police the area. Please do an audit on who is posting more than 3 comments on any one of my blogs. So we can send the spam police after them. They are jamming up the comment section. Last blog received over 550 comments. Thanks @steemcleaners for a good start in cleaning this BS up!

For more on what motivates me to spread the news follow this link.

To date man-oh-man 59 steem at todays price of $8 is $472.00 raised. 'wow' I have some pictures to take...



This lady below did not ask for anything for her picture so I bought her last piece of cake and gave her $500 PESO's:
You just made the day for that woman

Helping others is a beautiful thing. I think he felt more happy than it, because he who gives feels more happiness than he received @greenman

Just Imagine if very single person who commented on this post also sent 1 Steem "Direct to Vendors" Just Imagine ?

I like to walk near the beach the old man is in great mood

very beautiful photos, so want to go there,
if you can know which area?

I also like great nice pictures. Can we go together? ;)

however photography was superb

Yes, I think the one who has taken pictures is an expert

yes i also want to know

That woman is lucky , great photography

I love you too much

Ho greate bro...

Ripple is not decentralized. Its controlled by the banks. Upvoted and resteemed.

That to me is centralized. Do you know if they use multi signature between themselves?

The second largest crypto currency, Ripple, after Bitcoin, the determinant of the crypto money market, experienced a sharp decline of 10.94 percent in the last 24 hours. Ripple is at the level of the second crypto currency with the largest volume in the total currency market after the $ 259 billion Bitcoin with a market volume of $ 129 billion. @greenman resteemed and upvoted

So the USD is 80% of global currency. Does not make me like it or trust it.

They keep printing USD like greedy hawks. You cant trust those bankers.

Yes they do have the ability to enable mutli signing across devices.

Found treasure. We have Orthodox Christmas in our country today. I want to congratulate you and your family. All blessings and thanks for the excellent post :)

Merry Christmas from Canada.

I love you

i love u sir.
i have question .
Please don't mind
why give power down of steemit account

oops sorry edited. I meant it was not decentralized

yes I agree with that
A system controlled by banks


Also I will help you with the spam posters who post multiple times.


You are a good man..You like to make people happy.this is a very good thing.Thank you for this :)

Congratulation to you on your tour of the journey I greet you from my heart to help you poor .

Your hard work is what makes up to 2000 followers on your page congratulations to you and wish you more success

Special thanks to you in all languages ​​of the world :
*Thank you
*Merci beaucoup
*muchas gracias


There's no way "Ripple" has almost half the market cap of BTC. $125BN vs $287BN.

And the whole market cap is up from $1/2 TRILLION to $800BN in 2 weeks.

Who has put in $300BN in 2 weeks?

It's called fraud. Buyer beware please

Tnx for upvote.

Congratulation @greenman for the 2000 followers. You've got great achievement.


Upvote and Resteem your post.

big congratulation 2000 followers dear friend @greenman

I love it

cool it on multiple posts

Ha ha ...every one felt happy by showing your sucess in steemit and you did a help to others for their success by giving some earing through upvoting nd appritiating comments...really you have a greate heart bro....

you really know how to put a smile on someones face.your doing an amazing work sir.love you.

Great post may you live long

You're going great man. It's rare nowadays to see people helping one another. Really nice from you Paul and all those who are still helping one another in this time while there are people in this world who only want to harm others. Really nice gesture and happy to see these people happy. 😊

Thats awesome GreenMan - Giving away cash for a picture. Plus giving away a bonus for those who don't ask for money...
I love it, what a great thing to do. You made a lot of peoples days!

Ripple is going towards sky. But unfortunately, it is decentralized. Nice post sir.

Just not decentralized enough in my eyes. I would like 51% processing power to able any code changes and all nodes in multiple countries.

You are great than. What you prefer ripple or btc?

Bro congratulations for 2000 followers... bro i think ripple is operated by banks. It is not [email protected] bro i hope you will get a huge follers in future and huge following also your followers are daily waoting for your new posts...because of your kindness about the commentators..really you are greate bro

Ripple dropping to Zero.... down 24% this morning

A clever little monkey uses the girl's hand to break the nut . Loool
I hope that your tour will include some countries from Africa where the poor have smart monkeys like this one

good fun together with your loved ones and family


This old man is looking in a good mood. Nice photography. God bless you.

Nice post the old man is in great mood

The numbers are not important we William always ve your followers :)


for my sister...

Cool 2000 is a big number and takes a lot of work to achieve so many followers, signed up for you as well :)

Hahaha...such a wonderful ideas by @ greenman
Yes...1000% agree with you my dear friend...
I'm always trust steemit is very good social media platform..
I'm now byeeee to fb..twiter...youtube..
Hiii....to steemit...
Bcz...I always know steem can change my future..
i got a some ripple......upvot resteem

Ripple is centralized it keeps control in bankers hands. I expect the biggest fraud in history to come out of ripple in the next few years.

what...?? why sir...??i am shoked.....god bless you & your family sir...
have a good day......If you mind checking out my blog for latest posts and updats, Thank you.


Gratz! Gratz!Gratz! Next step is 3000 I Believe in YOU!


If someone ask me "who is Greenman?" I will say "He is the latest world philanthropist"

Awesome to see these photos of your continued good work. Upvoted and resteemed.

500 PESO for all people who work hard
100% Upvotes for followers around you
Life with full of adventures
Reviews of crypto coins
Maintain nice investment portfolio

This is what I learn today from you. Congrats Congrats Congrats.

~Followed & Upvoted

Go Paul!!! You make my day every time I see your posts.

Congratulation @greenman for the 2000 followers


@greenman - Sir congratulations, By making these poor people happy you showed a nice example to all of us... As you said Sir, Ripple is centralized & bankers currency... So, we must stay cautious... Have a wonderful day Sir...


Don't you know that? he is so cute, @greenman.

Congratulations on hitting 2,000 ... that is a huge milestone.

I sent you some more Steem to distribute to Vendors as needed.

Very Good Post. Yes, in a battle between Bitcoin and Ripple.... Bitcoin will Win. HODL Bitcoin for the Long Term and maybe trade in and out of Ripple for very Short Term gain.

Yes eventually all the Ripple money will flow back into Bitcoin.

Very Good Strategy.

after reading your this post i realize you are helpfull person.keep it up.we need as like you more for betterment of mankind.thanks @greenman

Dont you know that blessed are the givers, because they will receive abundant. So you know what you are doing. You are investing

That view was great just wow and rightly said i bought some xrp very cheap and was holding and suddenly the blast in prices happened then i searched and it was all bankers game plan all they want to do is to disturb the crypto market and hold the higher amount of bitcoins i moved out of that game and sold all xrp better to be safe than sorry

Bitcoin is where trusted money is held.

I learnt from a post I just read that some companies like Microsoft have left the use of Bitcoins, any info about that?

You can learn about corporate capture by reading my blogs. Corporations and banks will shit on bitcoin so the masses sell it and then they will buy it all up cheap. It is so far the only trusted coin IMO. They need it to keep each other honest as they have lost trust in each other.

The ECB even compared it to the tulip bubble. Hahaha.


"The European Central Bank has repeatedly warned about the dangers of investing in digital currencies. Vice President Vitor Constancio said in September that bitcoin isn’t a currency, but a “tulip” -- alluding to the 17th-century bubble in the Netherlands."


Great that your doing this. I have just sent one SBD (~ 7.83 USD at current exchange) for the foundation. I asked on your last post but I would love to know how you compare Mexico to Thailand as a travel experience. I have spent a lot of time in Thailand but never been to Mexico.

download (1).jpg

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he commented 100 times ,motherfucker .guys flag those looser .....

he is a great gamer

you are r8.. @greenman should have notice about him .

Thanks great work. Needs tweaking. Pics without money do not qualify as no audit trail of money. Now we need someone to add links with money pictures in my last two blogs?

here is another post to track people who comment on your post at the root level of the post https://steemit.com/steemjs/@hackerwhacker/steemjs-comment-counts-by-author

i am making a nice fun video to you.
It will be ready in a few days.

So generous of you!
Though I don't know so much about cryptocurrency, but the fact that you travelled around, taking nice photography and blessing vendors surprised me alot and I always wish you more blessings and anyone participating in the donation.

Hello dear @greenman

Great to see your your blog post once again an the Top photograph you have took was not less than a professional shot truly astonishing picture that was the perks of being a traveler is to see a beautiful view like that and capture the beauty of nature :) 

 turned into an attempted 100% transparent charity "Direct to Vendor" foundation. 

Truly,Great 100% transparent and on steem blockchain everyone can check the transactions so no doubt or a single wrong thought about that you all are doing a fantastic job in helping the people and putting smile back on their face without asking anything :)

We can learn a lot from this donation also as some want money as some don't there is a variety of people and some don't greed and some immediately ask for money which is quite rare for a picture haha :)

 Now back to Ripple 

The World Ripple to me sound's like Ripper because its all just a plan to loot everyone of us they have just a single plan that is to move higher in the market cap so that they can get attention from the masses and loot their money as we all are aware that Banks has the highest amount of capital in the form of money and they know and have professionals with them who can play master game anytime so i am not into that game anymore i was holding a small percentage with me but recently as the chart was exploding i did some research and was shocked to know some facts i quickly opted out of it.

I would like to help with you comment section but their starts a flag war which i don't wanna get into i don't have any personal intention to hurt anyone as i don't have neither money to flag someone nor the power or authority if you think my comment is useless you can tell me i will not comment again if you get frustrated with it sir.

Thank you for posting a great blog and sharing all your experiences 

Have a great day ahead,


Just Imagine if very single person who has commented on your Post sent you 1 Steem @greenman... Just Imagine .... How much Steem would you have to give to those on your Travels ? From this post alone you would have over 200 Steem - That is over $1,400 USD to feed those who are hungry.

I agree, ripple is being backed by the banks and the whole resin for crypto currency it to get rid of the banks!

Nice shots, you captured each moment perfectly. I'm always very inspired by your good deeds, if you would let me a passage in the Bible goes like this

For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

Mathew 16:25 also repeated in Luke 17:33 , Luke 9:24 , Mark 8: 35 and John 12:25

Those who sort afterward for the money first got lesser as such lost $400 peso that she over 70percent.

I'm volunteering to be your blog police Andy report any such activity, the moment I notice anyone posting more than three times

HUGE. Congratulations on reaching 2,000 Followers. You will quickly reach 3,000 and Beyond. GREAT work with the donations to Vendors. I will send more ....

Ripple is going crazy! Apparentely I was way to careful doing this prediction. It's almost outdated already :')

Love how you took a second picture in this case when they were handed the money! :D Ripple represents the banking system, so it's only logic to assume its investors are of the same type.

Hello sir
I want to ask you something
"Can Bitcoin scale to become a major payment network?."
Because my teacher saying it is not possible.

Certainly not anytime soon. Maybe when the demand is there. Just a simple code change would do it.

Thank you sir

Andd you are steemit's robin hood sir !! %100 VOTE and Resteemed :) @greenman

A HUGE WELL DESERVED CONGRATULATIONS GREENMAN! You help so many individuals! You are a modern day hero! I absolutely love all of your photos and posts! You deserve the best Karma this world has to offer! You are such a VERY kind soul! I hope and pray I can help half as much as you do when I am no longer a minnow! All the best in the world my Friend! It is always such a pleasure reading your posts! I have to honestly and proudly say that you are my Mentor on here! Warm and Best Wishes! Great Karma! Light and Love! Very Blessed 2018 and Beyond! :)

Marketcap is arbitrary. #Ripple is actually less divisible than #bitcoin.
100 billion #XRP vs 21 million #BTC is about 4762x as much, but in reality, if you move the decimal over two places due to divisibility, there are only about ~47.62x more drops than satoshi.#XRP is divided down to .000001 xrp (drop).
#BTC is divided down to .00000001 btc (satoshi).

Who has put in $300BN in 2 weeks? No one.It's called fraud. Buyer beware

congratulations Mr.Collin for 2000 followers!!

It's great seeing that you are continuing to bring happiness to the vendors. :) i have some sbd on my account and i'd like to donate again for this great foundation, it felt amazing the last time :). 2sbd coming right up :D

Congratulation @greenman


THANKYOU for this insight. I had heard something like this recently, but you have explained it well.. I never bought ripple out of principal.. and considered it again JUST before the pump .. but didnt buy in.. It feels good to have some morals and principals even though i missed out on a big gain. We have to protect cypto buy being selective as to what we invest in!

I think you have now also inspired me to start doing something here.. You not only do great deeds, but you remind me how much fun and joy can be to give.. The hard part for me now is deciding What to give! I could just give money, that is most simple option really and then saves the time trying to figure out what they need most!

ill check for spammers for you.. we got each others backs on Steemit!

Hi Paul, my opinion about this; the XRP will go up, till the time the banks have the possibilities to buy the BTC..., then the XRP is left without value.
Time will tell in this case, but sure banks want to control more.

But back you your travel, what an Amazing pictures indeed. The best picture is the first, technically spelling, but the colorful pictures from the selling booth are my favourite.
And I See you make some people Very happy with your gift after you gave some money.

Have a nice trip and take care !!

Ripple is a cryptocurrency, but it's not quite like some of the others you've probably heard of like bitcoin and litecoin.

Ripple is what's known as a token. Whereas coins like bitcoin trade on their own value, tokens tend to be tied to something else. More on that in a bit.

Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the YouTube channel

@greenman (or anyone else that can explain) why do people bother with the multiple exact same comments. At first I didn't understand what you were talking about and then I looked at all the comments and sure enough there is one glaringly obvious one as the comment is so long.

Anyways are these people hoping to get more upvotes by posting the same thing multiple times or what is it?

More important I guess, once some SBD are built up I'll be sending a little something to help your cause. Low right now and might need to cash a little in to cover my Wife's car accident. Got rear ended by a guy with no insurance so we get to eat the $500 deductible. But it seems you are in this for the long haul and SBD come in all the time so will make sure to send a couple your way once everything is figured out.

Amazing post and awesome Idea thank you so much for sharing RESTEEM

Thank you so much for your amazing support @greenman

A lot of people have made a lot of $$$$ from their comments on @greenman posts. It is not difficult to send 1 Steem back to him to give to the Poor. Do not be Greedy when someone gives to you with Great Kindness.... Do your part and return that Kindness. 1 Steem becomes 7 USD and then becomes $100 in some countries where an entire family can live for a week. It is very easy with Steemit to send Steem to @greenman anywhere in the World. That is the whole point of the Blockchain. He is the 1st person I have seen on Steemit who is trying to show the Power of the Blockchain. So Please help him.

Giving is receiving @greenman , but of course, you have worked that out already, we are giving nothing of course, unless we give of ourselves. The experience of travelling, if you don't give becomes one of trial and tribulation, and that's probably a by-law of life. When I first started travelling in 2007 I took the advice, never to give to beggars, and only pay half the price you are asked for, for anything - I soon realised, that everything became so much more expensive, and everyone I met was very unhelpful. 10 years down the line, and still not returned home, I no longer heed this advice, I'm broke of course, but somehow my needs get taken care of, its a matter of trust I think. The only thing that has really got me into trouble is giving too much to someones staff. I know nothing of Mexico, but in many Asian countries I have experienced, whatever you give will be deducted from their wages by the owner so you must be discrete.

All crypto in the not too distant future will be controlled by government(s) - its a no brainer, so we should have fun whilst it is what it is. Crypto at least for now, offers a little independence, and we are at the very least becoming familiar with the new way the world is working.

Safe travels


Yeah really beautiful

It always feels better to read your post. The first picture was gorgeous reading your travel story always make me feel great. I am donating 1.662 SBD from MY 5.662 SBD witch today's dollar rate is

and Peso rate against is
Hope my little contribution will help your cause. and congratulation on your 2000 followers.

i hope you will get 5k follower soon

You're a criminal. You are making

different comments at a post.

Comment on one post in one post.

I showed to you the standard. @markzuckerbergs

Cryptocurrencies performance during 2017 will be a determining factor for their demand in 2018.... 2017 saw the price of XRP surging rapidly during the first half.....Other cryptocurrencies won’t find it easy to copy the market development of Ripple.....Investors interested in the digital currencies as a haven for the uncertain times will find Ripple as a promising candidate....

#Resteem @greenman

You made the right choice going south for the winter. Fuck this cold weather.

Thank you very much for spreading real change and compassion around this earth! You're making big ripples!
Your photos are always very nice and well framed, so I thought you're already an expert in photography. You must have inner artistic ability which balances your highly intellectual and critical characteristics.
Thanks for a very clear photo of your face! This really makes me laugh in joy as it shows that you are a very kind person, but I reckon you must have been a high ranking commander in the Chinese emperor's army! Something tells me you had a connection with ancient China.

Your advice on the bankers' ripples is well time! I was wondering what was happening!
Thank you very much for your angelic work and great fighter's spirit!

Take care and all the best.


I congratulate you on the initiative of encouraging the poor and giving them some money.

It takes nothing to send @greenman 1 Steem after he has UpVoted many of us with $ 4 +++

Ripple is just a game i am not into that anyways looks quite cool post thanks for sharing

Great post sir.
Resteem Done your post.
you are inspiration to all of us.



Paul Collin (12 July 1843, Conches-en-Ouche – 5 February 1915, Paris) was a French poet, writer, translator and librettist.
In the 18th and early 19th centuries, Collin's family produced administrative officers in the military, mail and law service as well as physicians. He started a professional career as a lawyer before marrying one of the daughters of Theodore Gobley, a French chemist known for research on the brain, who also discovered lecithin and phospholipids.

Poetry proved to be Collin's real vocation, and he went on to write libretti and song lyrics for a number of opera and cantata, collaborating with contemporary French music composers of the second half of the 19th century including Tchaikovsky, who used several of his shorter poetry works for songs. Collin published a collection of his work in 1886.[1] The first award of the Prix Rossini in 1881 was made to Paul Collin and composer Marie, Countess of Grandval for the oratorio La fille de Jaïre.[2] Collin also wrote as a critic for the journal Le Ménestrel.[3]


thaank you boss....i had some a little bit sbd i sent you to contribute with you..
make me proud to contribute with you..


Good info @greenman, thanks.

A new photograph of yours Paul 😊. Great to see you again and really appreciate all the effort you put in to for these posts. And the first photograph you have taken is really awesome 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

giphy (11).gif

Congratz for having 2000 followers and I am glad I could be one of them! I wish you will not leave this wonderful life changing platform! Don't know about your future goals! But hope to see you here!
You talked about Ripple, yeah I had them, and sold them before the price up! Coz I am not aware the bank involvement! Anyway I am not buying back! Coz banks are so greedy to give us a profit! Therefore, stay away from XRP and XLM also!


You're a basic criminal. In this post you

are making more than 4

comments. Greenman sir Please

show the standard to this person

Hey multi of @max1994, shall I provided the name list of your multies? Do you want me to start flagging your comments and posts! Do you?


Nothing to sorry, I will definitely go after all your multi accounts be ready! FLAGS are coming :D


Hello Greenman

This is originating from a person who is essentially PC unskilled yet:

Re bitcoin. I see that when the system get occupied they up the exchange expenses and I hear there can be long sitting tight periods for exchanges to be cleared. So why bitcoin and not eos or Steem or others?

Additionally I cherish what you do simply thinking about those individuals now influences me to tear up a bit. Its capable

Much obliged to YOU for this understanding. I had heard something like this as of late, yet you have clarified it well..

I never purchased swell out of important.. furthermore, thought of it as again JUST before the pump ..

in any case, didn't purchase in.. It feels great to have a few ethics and principals despite the fact that I passed up a great opportunity for a major pick up. We need to secure crypto purchase being particular in the matter of what we put resources into!

I think you have now likewise motivated me to begin accomplishing something here.. You do extraordinary deeds, as well as you remind me how much fun and satisfaction can be to give..

The crucial step for me now is choosing What to give! I could simply give cash, that is most straightforward choice truly and afterward spares the time endeavoring to make sense of what they require most!

sick check for spammers for you.. we got every others backs on Steemit!

Extraordinary that your doing this. I have recently sent one SBD for the establishment.

I asked on your last post however I would love to know how you contrast Mexico with Thailand as a movement encounter.

I have invested a great deal of energy in Thailand however never been to Mexico.

I'm 1000% agree with your explanation on ripple because its 1000% correct and they will do exactly the same what you had said !
All the banks wants to hold all the bitcoin to control all the money and power which they are loosing because of bitcoin .
upvoted and resteemed so others can read it too before investing in xrp

your content is nice...@greenman sir
i search in the google ...i found @greenman are very honorable personality
i like this


Swell isn't decentralized. Its controlled by the banks. Upvoted and resteemed.U5dr3EYa1cgVwrJjWnxS6MbCLHrQMXY_1680x8400.png