In COSTA RICA now... bitcoin is not going away because it is not a currency (bankers) it is an audit trail (trust) that can hold share certificaties digitally.

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I like what Zerohedge has to say: "Meanwhile, Trump isn’t addressing any of the major structural issues we face like our fraudulent and corrupt financial system, endless and pointless imperial wars or the ever-expanding surveillance panopticon managed and controlled by the unelected “deep state.” The article linked here.

Another profound bitcoin discussion "paradigm busting" short YouTube video the future of trust will win even though so many nah sayers, just look at the smile on this guys (Patrick Byrne) face at 13:52:

"In the red corner we have Mario Draghi, who runs the world's biggest and most activist central bank... and in the blue corner we have Ray Dalio, who runs the world's biggest hedge fund and has been systematically betting against the companies backstopped by his opponent. They are set for a historic clash."

For my sisters who have been asking for pictures with me in them. What follows are two art exhibits from San Jose, Costa Rico:



I have not been giving as much time to the Direct to Vendor charity but here is one below. This dude goes around everyday looking for tips to survive. Many folks like this in the third world not having regular jobs and having to figure out what works. Here you donated 30,000 Costa Rican Colón just over $50 USD. He surely will pass it forward helping his family - zoom in and look at his smile!

For more on the Direct to Vendor charity click here. Just transfer a steem or two into my above wallet to see your money in their hands via steemit 100% transparent. Thanks @maxg for posting an audit summary.

I found the below rock, creatures or what have you on the beach that follows. I wonder if it is naturally made, it was only around 2 inches long:


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sorry sir @greenman it's so funny...

Now you notice how the prices have risen dramatically, and I want to ask about those statues, what is the basis for their existence

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Warm greetings to you master @greenman Thank you for sharing
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Nice way to welcome,,,hahaha

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Here is my continued weekly contribution. Keep up the good work!

The statue with the progression of the guy climbing up is cool.

Amazing photos. They look like miniature dinosaurs.


Supposedly dinosaurs evolved into birds.... but I think that many dinosaurs are still here as lizards and turtles etc etc reptiles


Enjoying with bee in pub.
I love your travel every time.


HAHAHAHA. I don't know why I can't stop my feeling about the girl. She is brave. <3

Bitcoin is up almost 100 % since Feb 6 ... great call to HODL even better to Buy the Dips.



Yes... People who bought back at $6,000 have doubled their Investment in 2 weeks.

Which dips again??. The time to buy was yesterday. Anyway, the time to still buy is now. Bitcoin the future currency.

Nice dip to buy some more.

Costa Rica looks awesome. Great photos. Thanks for sharing your travels.
Raining here back in Canada.....

That is one very happy dude. Well done !


Costa Rica looks amazing. On my list to visit some day. Great work down there. Upvoted.

So good to see bitcoin bouncing back...And many applause to you @greenman and those who kept believing in it ....
Bitcoin futures soon reduce the volatility in price...
Imagine a day when you could book a whole tour using your bitcoins( all airlines, travel agents and hotels)...
We are in the middle of a revolution and who don't adopt will diminish quickly !

I loved this photo, it seems that the man is coming out just to tap you..
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I paid with bitcoin for hotels via on my travels.

Does accepts btc???Pardon my ignorance in this matter.

Yes for hotels. accepts Bitcoin for flights ....

Its indeed so awesome to see all the btc acceptance cases...

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can give a smile to the children it would be nice even though valentine day moment has passed. i am sure you will want to be discouraged, if not mind you can visit my bloq, i hope you can give input for my writing and point me @greenman

Give a little smile (Save the children )


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Glorious location to travel. Oh yeah..Costa rica its.


Lol, welcome to dinner, haha. Thank you Paul. resteem

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”
― Henry Ford

"And crypto was a real part of our business this past quarter, even though small, overall," the Nvidia CEO said.

Huang touted also touted the benefits of the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. There is "clearly real utility" with blockchain, Huang said, adding that he sees cryptocurrencies as being as real as any other type of virtual good or video game.

And Awesome photography :)



Iguanas are beautifully resting in Costa Rico :) resteem

ha ha ha

Excellent photography of a beautiful country~

Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good photography & incredible article about crypto & Costa Rica experience of yours.


Bitcoin is here to stay. You definitely have the best content when it comes to the long term value of Bitcoin. Great advice.

Beautiful Costa-Rica photography with story. Totally beautiful @greenman.


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Amazing photo shots included.
Costs Rica is a memorable location to forever.
Outstanding post you created @greenman.
I lot of prefer this article.

It seems that these friends like to have breakfast together! Thank you Paul. resteem

impressive photography & enjoy the beach & sunny weather @greenman

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@greenman Wonderful Photography , The Beach in costa rica is amazing !! I Love Beach Photography , I already Posted amazing beach photography in my profile :

I like this Picture :

There is amazing Status in Costa rica look at this one hh :


I love this kind of life. Travel and Adventure. I envy you, Sir Haha. The pictures are very beautiful thanks for [email protected] ♥♥♥
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i like this picture

"And crypto was a real part of our business this past quarter, even though small, overall," the Nvidia CEO said....

that some important photo you shared to the jago.. costarica..
some funny moment...
i just love it man...

keep it up...

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salute boss....

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i love your work always because i dont see any single person here in steemit who continusely doing his job to finish poverty and against poverty like you @greenman sir
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Thank you for this beautiful post. I follow with fondness and read your content.
This statue istanbul bakırköy mental and neurological disease hospital and ofcourse upvote amd resteemed :)

A solid model, haha. Thank you Paul. resteem

nice photography , travel is amazing
Live life with no excuses and travel with no regret
this picture is wonderful :

its amazing really loved the article

Great photos and post. Thanks for it!

There is a statue in mental facility which is located in Istanbul Turkey like that :)


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I particularly like your pose with the thinker statue. 😁😁😁

Bangladesh Bank has stopped exchange or trading in Bangladesh because Bitcoin is not a valid currency issued by any country. The central bank issued a circular on Monday from the Bangladesh Bank. It is said in the circular that trading of Bitcoin or Bitcoin or any other artificial currency is not recognized by any organization of Bangladesh Bank or Government of Bangladesh

i agree bitcoin is not going anywhere

In Costa Rica, great beaches! Thank you Paul. resteem

Upvoted and resteeemed. I see that you are having a blast there.

He surely will pass it forward helping his family - zoom in and look at his smile!

Smile so gorgeous, he would be very happy receiving that money and imagine all the stress of labour he would have been through before earning such amount. I just like the way you put a smile on people's faces. I never knew you are this tall, you look cute and keep up the good work.

Wow...again....such a wonderful and interesting post by @greenman
Amazing photograpy collection...
Actualy I'm really like this one...

Thanks Collin sir...

@greenman sir...
Actualy that is my idea about crypto currency...what is your mind...pls reply to me...
Digital money can make us rich to deal with ourselves. I genuinely trust that. Be that as it may, what I additionally accept is that it will influence us to sufficiently fit to serve the penniless also.

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This is an awesome photography. Its really amazing photo and also creative Photo. I really impressed your photography.

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@greenman, Be enjoy and happy in Mexico. Golden chance to t6ravel there coz It's wonderful place to stay.


owww...great to see your post,i like this travel,excellent photography
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Nice photography @greenman...last several days I was very ill & miss your post.. but today I feel happy because I can reach you...

You are great @greenman

Excellent post sir. i like this work. amazing photography.

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Yep..I agreed. BTC not go away. Your creative blog is awesome. Nice skills using for professional photography. Travelers paradise would be Costa-Rica. You traveling there yet. Glorious experience. Thanks for sharing your experience to us.


Greeting from Morocco ,very interessing post thank you for sharing
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Extraordinary photography. DQmSZpXBqZXrewPjK4ARzotiVnxH6qyWhtPTX8Amc5Nqsk9_1680x8400.jpgDQmUtS7Y2d7WrvZarVEPzXWAKwwiNz4iL9JDXEkZKPkQYdT.jpg


This is very funny moment photography. Love this picture.

Love your posts and you do charity every time so love you more for this and hope i will do like you one day ....

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Great informative post, excellent photography
Have a great day, all the best

I envy you, Sir Haha. The pictures are very beautiful thanks for [email protected] ♥♥♥

Amazing travelling you enjoy in costrica. I like your activities especially your donation activities. You love and help the poor. Great Hearted man. May God bless you. U5dsPrrC81QjcDXy9JkKZoioxggLwxL.gifDQmUtS7Y2d7WrvZarVEPzXWAKwwiNz4iL9JDXEkZKPkQYdT.jpg

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great to see your post,i like this travel,excellent photography
best of luck,have a great day
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wow,,that's a great travel,nice photo capture
good information,thanks

Beautiful Costa Rico beach. resteem

Ahh, cool pictures with the statues man! I always pose like that as well when I encounter a statue! And as always, really heart warming to see a big smile on someones face when they receive a nice donation :)

It's not possible to buy the price at the best 50 $ and it's not worth buying.
thank you greenman !!


Thank you so much dear for your contribution...

it is very interesting things
I like that
it's a good photography
thanks for sharing
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nice photography.thanks

Awesome work @greenman sir....i being a beginner on steemit...your posts are always valuable and priceless...thanks

sir first of all thank you so much ..for doing special some thing for man kind.....
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just love your work.

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wow, great post @greenman, bitcoin is really great, bitcoin rising again, amazing news, fantastic photography all,

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well good to seeyou @paul today see your own photos in this post make this post post more good for all of us always good wishes for you and vendor charity

Awesome photography thanks for sharing hope you enjoy your travel keep it up and share with us
I hope you have a good day today
I wish you all the best
God blesss you
this is very amazing photo

an exllent and intesting post which covers the many different parts crypto, charity, this beautifull place and your photos every think make your post some more attracitive
thanx for encourage people with vendor and with your own money to sale your cryptos @greenman sir

Nice work awesome place beautiful photography thank you for sharing it

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well hope your time was best there and also good to share your pictures for your sisters and i also saw some pictures which you shared for your sisters you are a good brother good sir and always a great man to keep a good job with your charity vendor @greenman sir
an intesting and beautifull photo

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency mania which includes Ripple and ethereum has been met with scepticism by institutional investors, but that has not stopped the digital currency from rocketing in price the last few months.

Haha screw the banksters! Bitcoin is not going anywhere any time soon... It will only go stronger with each year and nobody will be able to stop it. Not anymore.


The photos and videos are nice....thank you @greenman.

Hi @greenman, I landed on your blog and found it awesome. Specially, this video is great for newbies like me in particular:

I'm really thankful to you for sharing this here on Steemit.

Also, I went through your previous blogs, you've been helping the needy with your Steemit earnings. This is great and never seen before.

I'm new on the platform and trying to connect with some awesome bloggers and you're one of them. I believe, I would learn a lot from you here.

By the way, do you post twice a week?Your photography is superb.Liked it and shared with a small number of followers I have at this point. Thumbs up!

Nice clicks by you. Good that bitcoin will never go away in Costa Rica. Your work deserves appreciation.
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Thanks to @greenman
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