Cozy breakfast

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Happy Tuesday. It's getting near the end of Summer and I'm starting to crave some warm and comforting foods. What about you? I've also been wanting to try out steepshot more so I thought today was a great time for it. Have a good one my friends!

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indeed it's so lovely breakfast there... and lovely photo you took there

Wow, it looks really good

I think your food is sooooooooo good😎

I don't suppose I could have a McDonald's Egg-a-Muffin instead. That's what I thought. ;-)

Hola amiga @gringalicious, a mí siempre me provoca una pisca andina o un delicioso chocolate caliente con pan y queso. Me imagino comer algo preparado por ti, un sueño. Felicidades y bendiciones.

Your breakfast was certainly "prettier' than mine! Love the pomegranate seeds on top and the red roses! Nice touch :)

This looks good and it tast good already.

Delicious. With that presentation, anyone likes healthy breakfasts. It is a pity that you do not add the recipe of how you prepare it.

@laykenia I can certainly add a recipe soon and there are some similar ones on my page. ❤️

Love that photo! Really captures how people live now a days. The cell phone is never more than an arm's length away. Any new travel plans made yet? Last I remember you were itching to go somewhere.

@world-travel-pro I definitely want to. I'm hoping to squeeze in at least one or two trips before Steemfest3 in Poland.

I love how we both have travel in common. You are one cool Gringa. Looking forward to FINALLY meeting you at steemfest. Lucky for me it's only a 40 dollar flight from Kiev Ukraine to Krakow, So I'll be staying here until then....but I too have at least one more trip before then.....already have my ticket for a week in Ankara, the capital of Turkey! Going for my birthday September 17th....going to be 36! How time flies! Will also be visiting this a cute small town an hour from Ankara where they having caves, hiking, and more. only $120 USD round trip from here in Keiv, with a plummeting currency there, and having USD...everything is on sale in a big way. Travel Pro, pay less get more ;) Hope you and your family are doing well. As always, I send my best.

@world-travel-pro That's awesome that you've figured out how to travel smart and I hope you have the best birthday celebration. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and I can't wait to see you at steemfest3. 😀

Thanks Gringa! You're the best! :)

Great morning begins with @gringalicious special breakfast recipe :D

Hi dear! It’s a healthy breakfast! And beautiful photography!

Gringa does it again😁looks delightful as always.

This looks healthy & delicious at the same time! Can you share your breakfast recipe?

I can figure out some fruits. I'm not so good at cooking lol.

@kevalsheth I'll share this recipe really soon for sure. 😀