Double Recipe - Crostini w/ Salmon & Capers + w/ Spinach & Hearts of Palm - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT

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Did you have a great Christmas??? I think it was the best ever in my house. Such a great day to remember. But now we still have the rest of the week until New Year's and there's still time for some holiday food preparations.


That's right, and these crostini are the subject today. Another one of my recipes for the holidays. I tend to make things over complicated and sometimes I realize that not everything I make has to be layers upon layers of flavor.


Sometimes basic is better you know? It’s a good thing I didn’t try to do too many of my more time-consuming recipes this week or I’d still be trying to finish everything. What I'm trying to say is that these are very easy!


Besides, it’s pretty hard to mess things up when you’re dealing with toasted bread and cream cheese. I mean, on a bad day I could probably find a way, haha, but I’ll bet you’ve got this thing in the bag.


So get to it! Every night’s a good night for a crostini party!


ALL CONTENT IS MINE AND ORIGINAL! All of these food photos were taken with my Nikon D5300 and my favorite Lens, the Nikon AF-S FX NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G. You can find out more in my INTRO POST.

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Recipe available upon request to the first Steemian friend who says today's words : "Look Out 2018!"

AND A HUGE MASSIVE SHOUT OUT TO@rigaronib for designing my logo!!!! 




Hello. It is a nice photo. Thanks for your sharing.

Wow.! Delicious to look at . "Look Out 2018!"


This is amazing, the food looks great, and the pictures are beautiful! I wish I could have made this for my holiday party but New Years is right around the corner! Thank you for sharing!

I hope you get to try this for New Years @purefood

I'll let you know if I do @gringalicious!

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Gorgeous food photography as always. The flavors just burst from the screen

thanks so much for all of your support @noboxes. 2018 is going to be amazing

I love those little capers with salmon. Beautiful!!

and I love it when you comment on my posts @fullofhope, thanks so much

Oh! so tempted i eager to consume this, so delicious and nice look @gringalicious

thanks for taking the to comment on my post @ekhlas01

How I love crostini! With homemade bruschetta it's always well received in my home!

Oh, that sounds delicious! Thanks for reading @artedellavita!

wow amazing photography one.. i totally appreciate to your luck..

I will be making these for New Years morning :) They look absolutely mouth watering!

New Years morning, fantastic. Let me know how it turns out for you @phatgirlsrun

se ve delicioso amiga, todos los votos para ti!!

Nice .. looks yummy.. want to bite it now.. :)

thanks and welcome to steemit @jeanw

It seems to be very yummy food, I hope I can lear to follow the recipe. Thanks for sharing this great post.

funny? I hope you were entertained

Wow!!! looks nice.

Thanks and Happy New Year (almost) @tamsguitar !

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These look so great and right now I am hungry in addition... that is not fair hahaha! I think I will go in the kitchen now and make some ^^ Hopefully I have all ingredients here :D

I hope you had all the ingredients?

No sadly the spinach, the capers and the salmon were missing...

Um.. I think taste and smell are good!!!


hola su post se ve muy apetitoso, pero bueno solo le traigo un obsequio de navidad pero que lo pueda usar todo el año, un pie de pagina con mucho cariño

you food photography is always on top !!
looking so delicious once again :D

Thanks so much @blazing. As you can tell, I am catching up on comments

It looks fanastic and delicious greetings

Can I stop missing the quote I need to say in order to get the recipe? "Look Out 2018!" hehe :)

Great post as always, looks delicious!!

so tasty and beautiful photos. me and my gf @rooddzy are minnows and can only post, look and wait for now. My gf has a healthy blog. do you have any suggestions? we just started but maybe you can help us somehow.

thank you and keep up the great work!

hey @theislander, great way to reach out for some help. Contact me on and we'll see if I can give you any helpful suggestions

I will have to make this for my wonderful husband! He loves salmon and capers!

Oh, well I hope he enjoys this one. I seem to remember him saying he looks forward to the savory stuff over the sweet! Thanks @lifes-a-donut!

this looks and sound delicious. how I wish i know how to make this :) Thank you for this post

i wish i would :)

Hehe, well I'm so happy you enjoyed this one @benhilmi03!

Great recipe. Reminds me of lox and bagels. Everytime we go to NYC they are a must at the delis. I like the crunch / texture with the crostini you used. Also they are "portion control" bites especially with the Holidays. Nice party appetizer idea! Have a good day. Tess :)

lox, for sure.

I actually plan on going to NYC in 2018 for the first time. My parents have been a lot, my Dad used to work there so they're going to take me and probably my sister @fullofhope.

Yeah, I thought everyone would like some good ideas for holiday parites

These look HEAVENLY!!

always such a fantastic supporter @alovelymess. 2018 is going to be awesome!!

Wao are easy to make and in my case they change the everyday. Excellent

Lovely images! lot of attention to the details and the recipe looks delicious

thanks so much Great commenting!

Thank you for sharing your talent in the kitchen with us. I wish you a happy day, ah, those pictures look great, very provocative. Good taste.

Hehe, I'm so happy to inspire with good taste. Thanks @artedellavita!

Wow it looks are always creative with foods...loved it...thanks for sharing the recipe.

You're so very welcome @maryhoc! So happy you liked it!

I like all your posts.

AJ picked your post @gringalicious for his #TOP5 FOOD POST. Visit AJ's FOOD ROUNDUP to view where your post is ranked.

thanks for the information,you are the best

@ gringalicious Nice Sharing I LOVE crostini. It is seriously one of my favorites. and now that I have my braces off, I can eat it without fear! Oh my word, can I laugh at your food processor demonstration? Mentioning the pomegranate juice reminds me when my brother, at the ate of 3, threw grape juice all over the wall. Oh yes. On purpose too. haha can’t wait to try this!

Haha, yes you may laugh. Thanks for reading @asadaslam1!

You inspire me to keep baking!

Now that is a compliment! That is always my goal, to spread inspiration.

Thanks @sweetjoy and welcome to steemit

Oh, that is just the sweetest thing to say @sweetjoy!

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thanks so much @razipelangi and welcome to steemit

wonderful picture and delicious

Wow , that's must be delicious

I think it have various taste

I like it so much, nice post from @gringalicious

You're very welcome! Thanks for reading @zulfikarkamui !

very good beatiful

thanks @slym.ylcn58 and welcome to steemit.

I found it pleasant :) thanks

Thank you for this great recipe, also top for sportiv active heroes out there, use brown bread and cottage cheese :) delicious!

Welcome to steemit @up2you.

This looks like a fantastic recipe and perfect for entertaining. The only problem I can see with it is that because they are bite-sized, I'd probably trick myself into believing I'm having 'small portions' but just eat a lot of them haha.

Hope you and the fam had a great Christmas!

this is one of those where one is too many and eight is not enough. Thanks so much for commenting @phamished

WOW delicious, if you want to see my cake with cheese and white chocolate, is in spanish, but is easy to translate. the link is here.

Happy life!!

I will take a look, thanks so much @pepiflower

I love it when you make these. I hope there will be more for New Years

always so sweet and supportive @mamaloves, thanks for everything

I swear to the lord above, these recipes just make me hungrier everytime you post a new one. And the pictures are really great too

Great post there, keep up good work !

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