Travelicious Canada - Victoria, BC: Craigdarroch Castle

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Hello again my friends!



I've nearly finished up with all of the travel posts from Victoria, BC but I've still got a few things to share. I'm also really excited about some news I'll be sharing really soon.



So in this post I'm sharing a little about the Craigdarroch Castle. If you saw my post about Hatley Castle then you might remember me talking about the connection between the two castles. Hatley Castle was built by James Dunsmuir, the son of Robert Dunsmuir who built Craigdarroch Castle. There's quite an bit of history tied into both of these structures, considering how young they are on a world history scale.



Upon entering Craigdarroch you step into this small room that, while beautiful and ornate, might leave you wondering if the rest of the home was built for hobbits. However, once you go inside you immediately get a glimpse of a winding staircase that spans the entire castle and reveals how much you've got to explore.



The entire building is set up for visitors. Each room has plaques and antiques on display, much like a museum, yet a little more natural and homey. I mean, the castle was actually constructed as a home to begin with and lived in by the Dunsmuir family for an entire generation.



I won't go into all the history I learned on my visit but I did find it interesting to know that after death of Robert, house was stripped and then through the years was used for so many things such as a WWII hospital and a college. In more recent years though, it has been restored. Of course, after so many years it's impossible to think that the things on display now could have been the original furnishings of the home.



The restoration team carefully searched for what is currently shown and I have a great appreciation for the work that was put into accurately matching the time period with antiques to refill the building.



If you're ever in the area I'd definitely recommend paying a visit to this Castle. I mean, who doesn't love to spend the day exploring a castle?



See you soon!



After all the excitement of the day I was really hungry so I went to a place called The Noodle Box and ordered something delicious!




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Greetings, sweet and super beautiful gringaliceus

"There will be a day when I will have money to travel abroad.
One day, when I will meet Canada.
One day I'll pay for those trips with the steemit money. "

How beautiful your journey is, Miss Gringaliceus. I hope some years I can make this kind of trip too and pay it with steemit money.

The photos of the places you've met are too beautiful.

Thank you for showing us.

Thank you and good morning!!

Beautiful words .. amazing
We all need that Visit historic places
Thanks for sharing this with us‏..

beautiful pix

Wonderful castle.... amazing pics!

Wow! What a great and beautiful castle, but better still have been the photographs. Big catch and excellent post. A hug and greetings.

Wow. Beautiful photos @gringalicious.
Hope you are enjoying your trip in Canada.
Even though I live in Canada, I have never been in Victoria, so it is great to see these photos.
Enjoy your stay @gringalicious

I saw your some Previous Post You doing always awesome Posting

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A delight! Not only the excellent construction of the castle, but also the exquisite decoration and furniture ... wonderful place to visit.

That staircase looks like a trompe-l'-oeil masterpiece :) Fantastic photos!

Looks amazing! 😊

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Amazing shots. I think the camera is very powerful.

Very nice castle! It's architecture is really amazing and with luxurious details.

I totally agree. It's quite a masterpiece. Thanks @jesusagon!

Wow, it really looks like a fairytale castle from the outside. And yeah, very museum-ish on the inside. Must have been cool going to college here tho!

Thanks @jonasontheroof! College there, I know, right? It would be like Hogwarts or something.

How was your journey dear ?
Seems you enjoyed lots there :)

Wow!😱 lovely pictures

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whoa! So many cool rooms in that castle, how fun to explore it! 😁

Would definitely pay a visit. It's amazing to know that such a relatively young castle has experienced so much of history. I also have to give big ups to the guys responsible for rehabilitating the castle

Damn! This is heaven on earth. @gringalicious I'm actually feeling like I'm there already. I'm so speechless
Oh my world!!!

Thanks @oredebby! That's very sweet of you.

very beautiful castle , i didn't see of such type before this,

This post has received a 15.96 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @gringalicious.

Stunning pictures from there you shared this is beautifully amazing wow :D

It's a beautiful castle, do you know the type? (It remains me the castle in ireland). Where will you go in Canada?

What a gorgeous castle! I can't imagine living in a place like that. One would certainly need plenty of staff to keep it clean!

Ah, I've been away from my computer for a few days too long! I somehow totally missed that you were coming to Victoria... and Craigdarroch is practically in my back yard! The pictures you captured are gorgeous. I've been to the grounds a few times, but haven't actually ventured inside yet. (Isn't it funny how locals rarely check out the attractions in their own town?)
I'm off to check out your other Vic posts!

I adore art and these pictures take us to the Victorian era beautiful old. I admires your posts, stylish and has a high artistic. God bless you my friend, enjoy your time.

I would definitely love to take a tour around this castle. It is going to be mind blowing. Having a peek via the amazing pictures you shared, points to a wonderful sight anyone who decides to go into it would see. This is good. Thanks a lot for showing us this. For some of us, all we could do for now is admire it from afar. I am glad you had fun. You deserve this moment away from the kitchen and having this fun time. Well done Victoria.

I still need the full gist about the choosing of the name "gringalicious" haha

Wow!! This is so beautiful! I have visited Hearst Castle here in California but i think this castle is actually much cooler:) did you see any gold???

Ohh thats great! Love this post! I was in Victoria myself two days ago! and somehow I missed seeing this castle even though it was on my 'to see list' , but I'm glad that you didnt! I'm around Vancouver, traveling. Where are you these days? Maybe we can meet or something if you're in Vancouver! It would be so nice :)

very cool. It´s amazing.

Thanks for your support @nanycousinmata!

Thanks for the excellent job.

Amazing, love your posts, especially this one...canada rocks, there is so much to do there, even things which I didn't know about like this castle!!!

I'm doing my best to save up my working money as well as steem to get over there :)

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Hope your well

Wow! ... infact, you have inspired me now to post about one of the palaces i visited years back. I am hopeful that i still have those photographs!

I love castles and all that beautiful architecture of the time, makes us travel to the past! Nice shots. xD

Thank you so much @yunairy!

Hello gringalicious, It's a beautiful castle, and the images are incredible. I hope to visit the place someday. :-)

Great pictures!! Congrats! Followed...
I invite you to visit my blog! I'm new on Steemit and I'm so excited to post and follow people with nice pictures.

wow beautiful this place are shoot to the movies i tell you movie are going to be block buster