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Lock Down Light Therapie with Ikea Doors Kaleidoscope.

2020_03_08_KaleidosIkea_LP (15)-LR-2.jpg

We are shutting down again and well maybe I have to revive one of the activities from the beginning of the pandemic.
Back then I guess did my first kaleidoscope light painting. This is a dangerous road. I see and understand now why I saw so many of these not too long ago. This is super addictive.

What you see here is not me building a huge kaleidoscope it's my @ikea wardrobe doors.
To get the nice kaleidoscope effect I moved in between the doors with my Laowa 12mm Zero D lens.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Here I want to show some more images that I previously posted but somehow disappearing from nTopaz :(
Does anyone know why that is? Anyhow - normally I did never repost something that I posted before but in that sense, I am not sure if I should re-edit the posts and update them. I have a feeling somehow they were not exactly decentralized hosted or so. But I am no expert.

2020_03_08_KaleidosIkea_LP (12)-LR-2.jpg

Anyhow hope you enjoy the colors.
2020_03_08_KaleidosIkea_LP (5)-LR-2.jpg

Gunnar Heilmann Photogrpahy

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