River Arno - Pisa, Italy - My Daily Snap - Day 77

in #photography4 years ago

My Daily Snap - Day 77

On the Banks of River Arno - Pisa, Italy

Gear - Nikon D600 with Nikkor 24mm.
F2.8, ISO 100, 1/800s

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I plan to post a pic daily. Let me take you on a picturesque journey around the world. 

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wow so beautiful landscape and cityscape! very good shot. excellent composition . like it. congrats

beautiful image, I am a cartoonist and I would like someday to visit that magical place, and so walk its streets and be in those beautiful landscapes that merge with urbanism, very beautiful your publication will follow you and I hope you support me and follow me I am a painter and cartoonist, they say that dreams come true, and if GOD allows me one day I will be walking through that picturesque place. regards

Come to Antalya for photograpy :)

Definitely.. some day :)

Love the view...

Lived in Italy for one year never visited Pisa. Feel sorry about that

Oh! it's a lovely place..

Amazing! Look my blog, upvote and follow me, if you like this @sushek94! I post in the blog photos from my travels, and different beautiful photos ;) All photos are taken by me)

Beautifu place.

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Amazing shot, congrats!!!

Wonderful view you have captured, congratulations!

looks like Saint-Petersburg

Nive wiew, I've been in Pisa several time, love that town

Great photos, the water is always mesmerizing.

Espectacular, adoro Pisa.