rocks (batu batuan)

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imageRocks are generally classified based on mineral and chemical compositions, with elemental particle textures and by the processes that make up them. These characteristics classify rocks to frozen, sedimentary, and metamorphic. They are more classified based on the size of the particles that make up them. The transformation from one rock type to another is illustrated by the geological model.

This is made based on:

mineral content is the types of minerals contained in this stone.texture of rock, the size and shape of mineral hablur-hablur in batustruktur rock, the mineral crystal arrangement in stone.process formation

Removable rocks that we can find on the banks of the river.
The rocks in general are usually divided according to the process that formed them, and are thus divided into three large aggregates:

rocks of sediments of metamorphic sediments.

Frozen rocks are rocks formed from the liquid mammary, sedimentary rocks formed from sediment deposits and pressures of certain materials, and metamorphic rocks through one of the two former ways which are then changed by temperature and pressure. In cases where organic matter leaves its mark on rocks, these results are identified as fossils.

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