Rural-mountain street photography

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When we hear the word 'street photography', the first thing that usually to comes to mind is some scene of a busy and crowded street of New York or Old Delhi. But, that's probably because most of us live in the urban world and most of the street pictures on the internet are also urban in nature.. However, street photography is a broad affair and is also essentially about the rural mountain streets which have their own beauty, culture and life that can not be found anywhere in the urban world.

Here's a set of street pictures i took recently while practicing around the the streets of my village. I hope you enjoy the rural ride!

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Congratulations @himalayannomad

Thank you!

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Rural life, herding cattle along the road, always interesting how people live once you are away from the cities.

Way more charming in detail using black and white photography with bright sunlight!


Thank you.. Yes, sunlight gave them a different touch. Actually, in villages, there is no night life. So, I get the chance to shoot in daylight only.

Quiet lifestyle, mostly farming community from what I could see, always a case of early to bed, early to rise, before the heat of the day.

True :]

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