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After a long period of Motoprix Region I Sumatera for Pengprov IMI Aceh finally held again in the circuit Busud SIM Blang Bintang, Aceh Besar (5-6 / 8). Alfa Organizer will be believed for the first time menghelat titled national scale in Indonesia is to fight troph Governor Aceh Capt. Drh. H. Irwandi Yusuf, M.Sc who was just inaugurated yesterday. The event is the 5th round of the Motoprix Region of Sumatra.

Heat competition in the race this weekend of course will be presented, given that in previous series that took place in Bengkulu, Batam, Jambi Until Riau is also very hot. Especially between the manufacturer Honda and Yamaha, even up to Privater team also spread threats in some classes.

The need to wait not only the main class MP1-MP6 only. But it turns out the organizers opened a special class Matic 130cc MP7 Woman and must berhijab. This class was first performed on Motoprix Aceh, and the mandatory rules of hijab in this class is very important considering Aceh itself is very strict when it comes to Islamic Sharia. And at the weekend race will invite the re-invite one of the beautiful women racer and berhijab from Pandeglang Banten namely Ayatussypa.

Organizing a title entitled Motorprix National Championship Governor Aceh Cup 2017, also fully supported by the Governor of Aceh who has aerospace Hobby is adept at flying the plane. With the existence of national events in Aceh can grow and give birth to athletes racing achievers and can go national or international. And participants from outside Aceh can see that tourism in Aceh is very beautiful.

"I fully support the implementation of Motorprix Kejurnas Gubernur Aceh Cup 2017 Sumatra Regional. This is our concern for sports in Aceh. With the existence of national events in Aceh can grow and give birth to athletes of Aceh achievers in the world of racing and can go nationally or internationally. Then with this event, the youths in Aceh can stay away from drugs and wild races that are very risky for themselves. "Said the Governor of Aceh.

Here are some of the racers captured on my camera
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