Life-saving water is the cause of the disease

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About two-thirds of our body is water. There is no alternative to drinking water to survive properly. But how much water will be drinking all day? When should I drink more and less water? There are advantages like drinking enough water, and due to insufficient drinking water, there are many problems.# or *
Water or water (Other names: Bari, Solid) is a chemical substance, whose chemical signal is H2O Each water molecule is composed of an oxygen atom and a combination of two hydrogen atoms. Usually water in the liquid is in the water, but it is also difficult (in ice) and in aerial conditions (water vapor) is found.IMG_0002.JPG

Drink water, drink plenty of water, juice or any liquid Because there is no adverse reaction to water inside my body, I can drink water properly
Often hear such advice, drink lots of water. How much does it really mean? Want as much as you want? No, not at all. Extra water is also the problem of excess water.
Drinking excessive water can cause some embarrassing problems like polyuria. Polyurea means frequent urine. Due to frequent urination, some people do not wake up at night or not. Apart from this, there may be problems in the amount of blood and salt in the blood.How much water to drink every day?
Drink two to three and a half liters of water daily. Once thought, urine was not infected by drinking more water. This is also not true. For prevention of urine, it is enough to drink two liters of water from eighteen milliliter. Extra water will not help.Those who suffer from kidney problems, their water level is specified. Drinking more than the quantity of water can cause problems in the body.
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