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The most popular game in the world is the card in Indoor Games. Although almost all the people of the world do not know at least playing cards, almost everyone has seen or heard its name. The people who have never studied in the world, but have never taken the card in life, are rare. The card is divided into four parts. These are: Ezbapan, Hartan, Reithan and Chardan. We all probably have more or less known with these names. But do we know the history of these names? Where did the symbols of 'Ishtapana, Hartan, Ritantan, Chhartan' come from or what does this mean? Or what is the history behind these symbols? We all know that there are 53 games in 52 cards. However, if all the names of those 53 games are not known, we all have the names of some of the most famous names of the famous card are mentioned here:Capture1.PNG
☞ International Bridge; ☞ Three cards; ☞ Lemu; ☞ Twenty nine; ☞ IB; ☞ brace / heartts; ☞ nine cards; ☞ Hazari; ☞ fashion; ☞ insects; ☞ Ten calls; ☞ Five cards; ☞ call bridges; ☞ Kite game; ☞ match up; ☞ Spider; ☞ Spade term; ☞ contract bridges; ☞ 9 cards etc.
Four symbols of cards carry the identity of different classes of society in the fifteenth century. The pictures of the cards are again presented in various historical personalities. Initially there were 78 cards in the card pack. But with the help of so many cards, the number of cards became less complicated and difficult. However, the number of those who are still alive in the reduced number is Joker. This card is known as Super Trump Card to the players.Capture55.PNG
=> Diamonds are the symbol of the rich class. In those days, they were ruling classes. Diamonds were meant to convey their riches and riches.

=> Spades are the soldiers' symbol. The word sped comes from Spanish spda. Which means the sword.

=> Symbol of the heart's pedregals. The shape of the symbol before it was like leaf leaves. Later, however, it changed to heart or heart shape.

=> Clubs were meant to mean poor people. The English clubs are mugur. It is a coincidence that the poor people have such a meaning to the muguruCapture22.PNG
Hearts or Harton - The picture of the King of Hearts is painted by the famous King Charles or Charles who won in 800 AD, half of Europe. It seems that the king was ready to kill his sword and kill himself. So many people call this king a suicidal king. Another interesting thing to note is that 'The king of the kings of Hearts has no mustache only.' About this, senior blogger Shayma Apu of Samu blog, in a post titled 'Nazrbondhi Bazikar' by Jane Rasi Bhai, I asked, 'Do not have a mustard of a king?' Dungi (he himself said) in reply to my question, Apu Shayma wrote a beautiful poem and replied:
The king is not the king who does not have a knot
He is the King of the heart so that goof!
Poster link: - Surrounded bajikar
The queen of her cards is Judith Judge, the noted heroine in the Bible. Who killed an Assyrian commander with one of the sword of the king.