Viewers can easily see a ball replay with this camera

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Most cricket fans will argue that watching the game in front of the TV in front of the comfort is more fun and enjoyable than watching the stadium. But modern technology changed the concept. Because at the end of each side of the cricket field, there are at least 16 high-end cameras, which are taking pictures of possible all-ends. These cameras not only enrich television broadcasts but also work as tools for graphical technology.
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It is seen in the middle of the middle stamp that there is a black colored round piece while playing well. This black round piece is basically a camera. Viewers can easily see a ball replay with this camera. That is to say, the footage of this camera was shown when watching a replay at the time of the broadcast. Because this camera is placed in such a way that the camera can easily capture the ball's direction. Occasionally when the ball is hit at the middle stamp, the replay shows, the ball stumbling over the middle stamp shakes.IMG_1392.JPG
Basically, with the help of this camera inside the stamp the spectators can see cricket playing in a unique corner. That is to say, what is happening in the cricket field very closely is seen through stamp cameras. Third umpire stamps help the camera to see if Runout or Stamping is out occasionally.IMG_1413.JPG
In fact, the use of technology in cricket is increasing day by day, it is not only a player's game but also a game of technology.


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