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Hello Steemians!

I'm happy to share with you photographs I took on a trip to Dallas, Texas this week. Dallas is an amazing city replete with art and architecture. Not many people walk down the streets to view these attractions, but as a New Yorker I found that kind of cool. It's not every day, I get to ramble down almost empty streets, baring a few stray businessmen and gaggles of tourists. Because the city is quite big, I concentrated my wanderings in the downtown area, which has a number of wonderful museums and tall steel and glass buildings, many of which beautifully reflect the great, blue Texan sky and the corridors of this fun and photogenic place. Join me on a little walk about the Texan city.

Welcome to Dallas: Art and Architecture (Part one).

Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3HipstamaticPhoto-519756743.623867.jpg

Photo #4


Photo #5


Photo #6


Photo #7


Photo #8


Photo #9


Photo #10


Photo #11


Photo #12


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I was in Dallas before, never discovered so many Interesting views! You have great eyes to discover beautiful things!

@jchch O! Thank you! I really appreciate your kind comment!!

Cool photos, that giant eye is insane!

@adventureeveryday I know! isn't it?! Thank you! :D

Dallas has been stepping its game up. Looks like a cool place to live.

@bek I agree! There are so many cranes and buildings are rising all over the place. Dallas os cool!

Cool photos. I lived in a Dallas suburb for years and loved it. You should come back for a visit during the Tx. State Fair. It is an amazing experience.

@team101 Thanks! Yeah, I LOVE that idea! I'll have to look into it :D

What camera do you use? :)

@watchesdaily I use my iphone 6s and the Hipstamatic app :D

Guess I need to step my Iphone game up haha!

very cool =D

Great post! Keep it up :)
By the way, I'm following you now

@brnofre Wow, thanks very much. Cheers back, and followed!

Nice pictures, I'm following you now :)

@mkdmrs Wow, thank you! Cheers, and followed back!

The city in these photos is admired

I live in DFW and has been my home area for decades!
I will give ya a follow, maybe we will meet one day.
Best Regards~*~

@quinneaker Cheers, followed back. that sounds like fun! Thank you! :D

Yea never know who we will meet here on Steemit!

hahaaaa so true! :D

Looks super sunny and nice! Great pictures! :)

Cool! I'm born n' raised in Dallas (Allen, actually) area! Hope you enjoyed your visit. I enjoyed looking at the shots you captured. Nice and bright, you can imagine the intense heat of the Texas sun by looking at them. Haha

@d-pend I love Dallas. This was my second visit! Very photogenic city and yes! very hot. I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thank you. :D

It's like most of the buildings are sort of camouflaged :P

@taraamin O! Thank you VERY much! I agree! It does seem like that! :D

2nd image. The blue sky reflection off that 'pointy' building looked cool.

@runrudy Thanks so much! :D

Nice photos :)

I wish I could take photos like this. Every time I try, I always get so distracted that I forget what I am doing and the entire trip passes the camera by.

Last week I was stopped at the French border by a bunch of soldiers with machine guns and I managed to get pictures of everything but them.

@gonzo Thank you!! LOL! Funny border/travel story, I can picture all of it in my head....you captured it perfectly!

Very interesting these solutions ... art and architecture are lovely couple own!

The eye sculpture is my favourite! :)

Photo 11 is my favourite ! Great composition

howdy from Texas ilanaakoudi! I really enjoyed this post featuring the downtown Dallas area. I live about 35 miles to the Northeast, in the country, but haven't spent time downtown but now I see that the area is very nice!
great job on this post!