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Hello Steemians!

Welcome to the first installment of my NEW exclusive Steemit Mobile Photography series, Saturday Morning at The Met.

Living so close to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I'm frequently able to pop in and enjoy the wonderful, magical world of Art. As a street photographer, the museum is also an incredible place to see people in action, the art and grand architectural surroundings add to the lure and charming feel of being on a movie set or in a novel come-to-life. This series will be presented in specific exhibits: This week's installment takes place in the ancient world of the Greek and Roman Exhibit.

Photo #1HipstamaticPhoto-517705195.774538.jpg

Photo #2HipstamaticPhoto-517704854.922376.jpg

Photo #3


Photo #4HipstamaticPhoto-518810398.130113.jpg

Photo #5HipstamaticPhoto-517704902.396985.jpg

Photo #6HipstamaticPhoto-517705520.878366.jpg

Photo #7HipstamaticPhoto-517710364.642511.jpg

Photo #8HipstamaticPhoto-517704779.039896.jpg

Photo #9HipstamaticPhoto-517712099.177869.jpg

Photo #10HipstamaticPhoto-517705413.411224.jpg

Photo #11HipstamaticPhoto-517705273.379698.jpg

Photo #12HipstamaticPhoto-517705548.378439.jpg

Photo #13HipstamaticPhoto-517705132.425929.jpg

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Thank you!


Interesting that you discover and recored the interaction between people and art!

@jchch Thank you!! Since starting street photography, i'd say it's almost as much fun for me to watch the people interacting with the art than looking at the art's a whole new perspective! :D

if you don't say its hardly believable that you are using you cell not professional camera... a big thumbs up for nicely taken pictures

@raja thanks very much! The mobile really opens up worlds...i love it!

You have a great eye! Its stuff like this that makes me miss living in NYC (LES) but the price of rent bring me to reality pretty fast. Hopefully you're able to take in some of the festivals and get in some good shots there as well. Have a great rest of the weekend.

Thank you very much! O! I get it, rents here are totally crazy! I do try to get about and appreciate the free bits of the city as much as I can...wishing you a nice rest of the weekend, too!

Excellent series. Following along to see the next. Thanks for sharing.

@runrudy thank you very much! Such a nice comment! Much appreciated!

Lovely and amazing as always my dear! :D

Hellooooooo dear J! As always, thank you! You are such a sweetie! :D

Nice work @ilanaakoundi, I noticed the same people in some of these photos, interesting. Also, nice to see you posting again after a long hiatus!

@shieha Yes! Good eye! I had my eye on a few interesting people and it was funny how we kept moving at a similar pace throughout the gallery. They seemed my Muse that day. Thanks so much!

Cool article, thank you for posting. Followed and upvoted! :)

@milanademort Thanks! Much appreciated!

The juxtaposition of the people and the statues is quite humorous! Nice shots :)

@d-pend Thank you very kindly!

I loved your photos of not only the art but the people in the museum. The lady with the sequin skirt shot was really cool. You have a good eye!

@linniek Thanks! She really caught my eye! your comments are much appreciated

Nice photos, I would love to visit this place.

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