Cuckoo the shameless bird

Cuckoo the shameless bird.

The bird has been known as shameless birds, because this birds cannot prepare their own nest. They leave their eggs in to other bird’s nest. This birds also known as Kokil or koyal.








This is a black color cuckoo with red eyes. Today she was in my home garden. The beautiful black cuckoo. May be the cuckoo birds searching some other’s birds nest for lays. This is the simple character of this birds.

I have taken this photos with my Canon Device. She was beside the tree branches. For this sometime I am unable to capture properly.

I am not a professional photographer. But photography is mu hobby. Hope you like it.

One important message.

Make social distance to protect Corona Virus. Keep safe and save your family. Because this is a challenge for every one to give a Corona Free World.

Thanks for watching. Have a nice day. Take care.

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