The life of bees with colonies

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Hello everything is back again with me On this occasion I will tell you about the life of the bee colonies that I find around where I live in one of the guava tree.

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The honey bee is an insect-rich social benefits, all of which produced by honey bees known efficacious for health. In the classification of the animal world, bees are included in the order Hymenoptera, meaning "clear-wing". In this order there are 100,000 species of insects, including bees, wasps, ants and termites.



Honey bees are always life originate, on average each colony ranges 60-70 thousand bees in a hive. Although such a dense population, bees are able to do its job neatly and orderly programmatically.


The Queen Bee has a larger body and weighs 2.8 times the weight of the worker bees. Each bee colony there is only one queen bee in a colony if there are two queen bees so they will mutually kill to get the Queen Bee was labelled an position.

The Queen Bee is in charge of the lead and keep the keharmonis bees in a colony. All of the bees in any one colony will be so kept the queen bees, queen bees everywhere go then a colony of bees will follow suit. In addition to leading the colony of bees, queen bees have a responsibility for the continued survival of bee colonies by way of laying all his life. The Queen Bee is able to spawn 1500-2000 grain has day.

The Queen Bee has a longer lifespan compared to the worker bees. Worker bees are about 40 days but the Queen Bee is able to live up to 3-5 or about 30x longer than worker bees.

The secret of Queen bees age longer is due to Queen bees consume Royal Jelly throughout her life. Whereas worker bees just consume royal jelly for 3 days at the time of become larvae.

An ordinary worker bees, also known as the female bees, the bees which have responsibilities throughout his life.

Male bees are the only drones in a beehive and only served to fertilize the queen bees. Sixteen days after the new Queen Bee was born, he flew to the site of drones which had been waiting for his arrival. After you fertilize the Queen, drones are then die.

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