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Good night steemit lovers and photography lovers wherever you are,
this time I want to share the portrait of the mood concept that I took some time ago, taking a very simple Mood portrait concept, we don't need to be far to determine its location, just looking for an urban location. if we already know the point of view, beautiful artwork will appear when we take pictures.
Here are some photos I took some time ago



below is a table of details about the photo above.

Kamera CANON EOS 60D
Bukaan F3,5
Panjang fokal 50,00 mm
Lampu kilat Tanpa lampu kilat
Keseimbangan putihotomatis
ISO 100
Wakut pencahayaan1/320 s

opefully a steemit friend likes and enjoys my work this one, thank you.

so much for this time stay tuned content tricks and photography tips from me, see you next time!
thank you for visiting hopefully useful do not forget find me on cahnnel :


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