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RE: When Everything Went On A "Last Full Show, SRO Long Queue Mode"

in #photography3 years ago

I'm afraid due to the lateness of the hour, I found myself skimming the text as I looked at your photos, but I can't help but recall my own annoyance at the tourists one encounters at popular tourist destinations punctuated by meeting interesting people when I have escaped the lines at the big attractions to go do something else instead.


I can't blame you :D
but thanks for at least bothering to comment despite that it's already late

I guess we left for the zip line too late
the mountains were too overwhelming so we went climbing on the other side which ate our time but then again
it's alright cause then we have one more reason to go back :D
but you're right it's a pretty touristic place
I felt like I was in Venice everywhere I look - flood of Asians :D

I worked at a theme park for several summers, and the Asian tourists with incredibly expensive cameras were a common sight.

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