Everyday Carry, and Instagram

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

My submission for the EverydayCarry on IG.

Cross fountain pen, Tag Heuer, couple of small Ka-Bars. Just a couple of phone-snaps.
I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the quality of the S8 camera. I see a lot of weird things in low light, and it's supposed to be better in low light than the iphone. I don't feel like dishing out all that money or time to switch back, though.


Feel free to follow me in IG as well, if you like. I know I've been quiet on here recently.

@ jam.taylor on IG


I've followed you there, these two photos are there to prove that it really is you. Your profile photo is cool.

Smartphone cameras are not huge performers still when it comes to low light. All that pixel count and physical size of sensor plays a big role, and it will be a while till they will come up with some solutions to make them good low light performers as limitations are in physics here. Nice shots though.

Oh ok I will follow you on IG.
Have a good day,