After Rain...

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IMG_0775 (2).JPG

Nice and quiet evening after rainy day... I like fresh air after rain...:)...


Original photos by @jang
iPhone 8
Palanga, Lithuania

Enjoy and Be Safe Everyone!...:)...


nice shots thanks for sharing :)

Thank you...:)...

That's Amazing!

Yes, it is....:)...

That's Amazing!


Nature is beautiful - I am imagining sitting there and just soaking up the freshness, simplicity and connection with the mother nature.

I had a rain shower at my place and I think you are true.

I'm glad you had rain too!...:)...

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OK! Thanks...

What a nice piece and a nice shot... keep the spirit following in photography

Thanks. I will...:)...

This looks so real, nice shot
My love for nature💖😊
Natural vegetations😊😊
And rainy days

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Thank you...:)...

nice place and a perfect shots of nature its really great

Yes, the nature is beautiful....:)...

The fog make them looks so fresh, the air must so good to breath!

The air was good to breath...:)...

Nice place and photography!!

breathtaking landscape, it looks like underworld, very good photo @jang

to serve you my friend, God bless you.

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Get a life you fucking looser! I'm a real person!... "Pretty sure this is a @lokiyngling alt..."...are you fucking Nostradamus?!...:)...

I am a real person 2...

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Get a life you fucking looser! I'm a real person!... "Pretty sure this is a @lokiyngling alt..."...are you fucking Nostradamus?!...:)...

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