The life of a nature and adventure photographer

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I have many dreams.

Being passionate about our planet, for me, the greatest reward is to share the beauty and uniqueness of this place. My mission is to share what´s worth protecting and fighting for. I do it out of a strong belief in its impact.
We can only care about something we know about. Combining engaging photos with emotional backstories is powerful. It doesn´t just capture a moment, but mesmerizes. Hopefully. ortliebolilagune1.jpg
That´s me. Hiking on 5000 meters above the sea level in the Andes. Carrying 18 kgs I`m getting close to total physical exhaustion, but few things in life are more inspiring for me than connecting with nature. A concept necessary when you live in crowded places, cities, urban environments. Escaping the noise, pollution and distractions free the mind.

On this platform, I´ll be sharing insights from my adventures, glimpses backstage to the life on the road or better - far off the roads. I´ll be sharing my photography knowledge, pictures and stories. Chase your dreams, I´m chasing mine!





Great to have you here my friend! With amazing photos like this, youre sure to get noticed here! Resteemed this for ya :)

Thanks man! It´s an honor to be here. Let´s see where it goes!

This magnificent photograph, intertwined with nature, is wonderful.

Thank you for kind words! I´m new to this platform obviously, so had to choose an image with me in it. Usually I´d be choosing something more wild from our natural world. Stay tuned for more.

I am waiting :)

The altitude would have kicked my butt. Nice work. Beautiful shot and place.

Thanks, man, yeah the altitude is a bi***. it took so much energy just hauling gear up that mountain pass.

Hope to see more of your photograph. :)

Thanks for your comment! I´ve posted a couple more on my new posts. Will be updating regularily from now on.

Welcome to Steemit. Cant wait to hear your adventure stories ! May be you could edit tags to include #introduceyourself . All introduction post goes there

Thank you for your compliments and good feeback. I´ll check to change my tags.

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